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Bluebeard Coffee Roasters Single-Origin Coffee and Blends

Tacoma-based Bluebeard Coffee Roasters is a self-described '253rd wave' roaster that’s big on creating high-quality coffee from ethical sources. From Bluebeard’s 6th Avenue café and roaster, they’re able to create and serve their signature medium-roast coffee to Tacoma locals. With the help of Seattle Coffee Gear, you can get freshly brewed Bluebeard coffee whenever the craving strikes, no matter where you live! We offer a broad selection of Bluebeard single-origin coffee beans from Ethiopia and Guatemala as well as several popular Bluebeard blends.

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So, what makes their world-class coffee beans, well… world-class? It all comes down to their sourcing process. Team Bluebeard meticulously samples and buys the best beans they can source, often finding unique beans in Latin America, Indonesia and East Africa. Of course, it’s the roasting process that makes the coffee. Bluebeard stands by their slow, perfecting approach that’s designed to bring out the best flavors from every bean. Bluebeard coffee beans are roasted in a 12-kilo Probat roaster to exacting standards.

Coffee by Bluebeard: What to Try

If you’re new to Bluebeard—good choice, by the way—the team here at Seattle Coffee Gear is on hand to guide you toward must-try beans and blends. Of course, we’re always big fans of the rich, smooth flavor of Bluebeard’s single-origin Ethiopian coffee beans, and there’s something great about the intriguing flavor of their Guatemalan coffee, too. For a signature Bluebeard flavor, try Bluebeard El Capitan or The Narrows Espresso Blend.

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