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Boast coffee comes to us from San Jose California. This young roaster offers approachable coffee that is easy to enjoy for a wide range of palates. With both blends and single origins available, Boast is the perfect roaster for newcomers to third wave coffee, as well as those looking for something new. Boast also features a taste of different processes and regions, important for coffee drinkers looking to explore a world of different notes and flavors.

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It's always smart to try out a roasters blends to see where those stand, and Boast's Level Up is no different. This is a solid, simple blend that offers just a hint of roastiness alongside its cherry and chocolate roasts. From there, check out Boast's range of single origins. With a number of different regions and processes, you're sure to find something new and exciting. Either way, you'll boasting to all of your coffee loving guests when you serve up some Boast coffee!

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