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Portland's Coffee Darling: Coava Coffee Roaster

Coava Coffee Roasters started in Matt Higgins’ garage in 2008. Since then this roaster has worked tirelessly to understand every part of the production of coffee. From studying the agricultural process that grows coffee plants to a deep dedication to customers buying the end product, Coava has committed to getting it right the whole way through. By building sustainable, responsible, and honest partnerships with farmers, and refining complex notes in their roasts, Coava has already made an impact in the Pacific Northwest’s roasting industry.

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New to Coava Coffee Roaster? We recommend starting with their S.O. Blend, an easy to drink and satisfying cup of drip coffee or a rich shot of espresso. For something even more exciting, any of Coava's single origin selections will make this roaster a new favorite. We're also proud to offer Coava Coffee Roaster as one of our many subscription options.

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