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Counter Culture Coffee: Innovative, Eco-Friendly Coffee

With blend names like Fast Forward and Hologram, Counter Culture Coffee better be as forward-thinking as its branding suggests! If you take a look into the history of this Durham, NC-based coffee roaster, you’ll find a little bit of disruption and a whole lot of innovation along the way. Counter Culture Coffee was founded in 1995 by two coffee-lovers with a mission: to produce sustainable, eco-friendly coffee beans. In fact, it was one of the first shade-grown coffee makers around and launched a shade-grown, bird-friendly line of coffee in 1997.

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Why is shade-grown coffee considered more eco-friendly? Shaded areas create a critical habitat for migratory songbirds and other wildlife. What’s more, in 2002, Counter Culture’s Durham facility became the first certified organic roaster in North Carolina on the first day it opened! These days, Counter Culture still makes some of the best organic coffee beans out there, and supports fair trade and ethical coffee growing initiatives. It’s also committed to transparency and paying growers higher prices.

So… Should You Try It?

Eco-friendly, shade-grown coffee beans are good for the planet, but do they taste good? In the case of Counter Culture coffee beans, the answer is absolutely. Whether you try Counter Culture’s single-origin coffee from Kenya, Papua New Guinea or other coffee hotspots or go for blends like Fast Forward, Big Trouble, or Apollo, you’ll surely find a flavor and roast that suits your flavor profile. We’ve designated the Counter Culture Big Trouble blend as a Staff Pick here at Seattle Coffee Gear and recommend it for those who are new to this sustainable roaster. And, don’t forget to try Counter Culture Slow Motion decaf for all-day sipping.

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