Dogwood Coffee

Small-Batch, Single-Origin Coffee and Blends by Dogwood

Dogwood Coffee Company prides itself on its small-batch appeal and obsession with high-quality coffee beans. Based in Minneapolis and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dogwood brings something special to the table: passion and perfection. This popular coffee roaster produces beautifully crafted single-origin coffees and blends that blends beans from the world’s best growers, including coffees from Costa Rica, Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia, Burundi and more. Each bean or blend has its own distinct flavor notes, and you won’t find these profiles anywhere else.

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Seattle Coffee Gear’s Favorite Dogwood Coffees

Here at Seattle Coffee Gear, we’re big fans of Dogwood Coffee Decaf because we know how hard it is to find quality, small-batch decaf coffee beans that are given the same love and care as caffeinated versions. But Dogwood’s Decaf Colombia Los Idolos delivers. In fact, it’s one of the few single-origin decaf coffees out there, so you can keep drinking it all day long without sacrificing flavor or quality. Dogwood Coffee Mixtape is one of the roaster’s most popular blends, and it’s no surprise, since it features a juicy sweetness with a medium body that’s pleasurable to many palates. No matter which beans you prefer, you can be sure you’re getting a high-quality coffee when you stick with Dogwood from Seattle Coffee Gear. Every bag is freshly roasted at the Dogwood Coffee Roastery in Minneapolis.

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