Earth and Smoke

Coffee notes exist on a wide spectrum. Many prefer rich and sweet coffee, some like fruitier flavors, some just like a balanced cup. Finally, there’s the earthy, smokey flavors you’ll find in this collection. Our Earth & Smoke picks exude notes of malt, grains, cereal, and roasting. These bold flavors often go well with in the morning for those who reach for coffee to kick-start their day. Read on to learn more about our Earth & Smoke collection and to find the right roasts for you!

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Rich Taste. Earthy Flavoring.

Coffee is made from the beans of the coffee plant, which grow in tropical regions. When prepared as simple mixture of beans and water, coffee exudes a strong, earthy taste. Many traditional coffee drinkers prefer dark coffee to more dressed-up variations due to its natural taste and rich, earthy potency. At Seattle Coffee Gear, we are proud to carry an extensive selection of some of the world's best dark coffee roasts right here in our Earth & Smoke collection. Here, you'll find classic dark roasts featuring classic coffee taste and texture.

Coffee Shopping Made Easy

Ready to order your earthy and smoky coffee? Place you order right here at Seattle Coffee Gear. Not only do we carry a huge selection of brand-name roasts—we also make those roasts easy to shop for at competitive prices. Browse our inventory below, and please feel free to reach our team with any questions!

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