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Equator Coffee: Coffee with a Mission

Created by business partners Brooke McDonnell and Helen Russell in 1995, Equator Coffee & Teas started in a garage in Marin County, California, and is now one of the most beloved roasters in the Golden State. What turned Equator from a small-scale, garage-based coffee roaster to the powerhouse micro-roaster it is today? It all comes down to their ability to build lasting relationships with the farmers who grow their beans, most of whom live in South America, Central America and Africa.

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This mission—coupled with the pair’s devotion to producing high-quality, socially responsible and sustainable coffee—makes Equator Coffee an all-time favorite among fair-trade coffee fans. In 2011, Equator became the first American coffee roaster to become a Certified B. corporation, signifying its commitment to working ethically within the global economy. Since its inception, Equator has introduced many socially focused programs, including micro loans for farmers and land rights advocacy efforts.

But What About Their Coffee?

With beans spanning the roast spectrum, there's sure to be a bag of Equator for anyone. Check out Equator's must-try Jaguar Espresso or their well-balanced Snow Leopard blend.

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