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Great coffee is made in virtually every corner of the world. At Seattle Coffee Gear, we've made it one of our goals to help our customers experience as much of the world's great coffee as possible. On this page, you'll find our collection of European-roasted coffee. This specially-curated collection features coffees roasted in Europe and sourced with beans from around the globe. Read on to learn more about the many exquisite coffees in our European Favorites collection, and order your worldly blends with us today!

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Internationally Sourced. European Roasted.

Coffee's character is created in large part by the type of coffee beans used and the way in which those beans are roasted. Our European Favorites collection here at Seattle Coffee Gear features blends with beans sourced all around the world, ensuring unique tastes that differ subtly from blend to blend. The coffees in our European Favorites all share the similarity of being roasted in Europe—however, even within this similarity there are differences. In our collection, you'll find coffees roasted in different regions of Italy and other European countries, each roasted differently to create one-of-a-kind flavor.

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Are you tired of encountering the same old coffee in your kitchen, in the store and at your coffee shop? Try something new with a selection from our European Favorites collection here at Seattle Coffee Gear. These incredible roasts from renowned European roasters bring out the sophisticated and full-bodied flavor of beans grown across the globe. You can also sign up for a coffee subscription to have your European Favorites selection sent from our inventory straight to your door. Peruse our collection below, and place your order with Seattle Coffee Gear today!


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