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Ubora Coffee Roasters - Watchstander Blend

Ubora Coffee Roasters - Watchstander Blend
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  • Baker's Chocolate, Tobacco, Black tea
  • Washed Process
  • Roasted Fresh in Augusta, GA

Ubora’s Watchstander Blend is a delicious, rich blend of flavors that offers the smoky, earthy tones you get from a dark roast without overwhelming the palate. We’ll be honest, ultra dark coffees with notes like tobacco and leather can be a lot for some coffee drinkers to take in (many of us here at SCG included)! That’s why we love to celebrate a coffee that brings the earth and smoke without too much roastiness. Watchstander Blend excels here, providing those deep tobacco and dark chocolate notes without losing balance. Add in a nice bit of floral overtone on top and this coffee is the perfect morning brew! Fantastic as a drip or pour over.

  • Manufacturer
    Ubora Coffee Roasters
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Coffee by Type
    Whole Bean
  • Roast Level
  • Superauto Recommended
  • Size
    12 oz
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