Onyx Coffee Lab

Family Roots and a Commitment to Quality

Jon and Andrea Allen started Onyx Coffee Lab with a dream of serving black coffee that captured flavors of chocolate, cream, and sugar. The kind of coffee that even the newest drinker could enjoy without adding anything to the cup. That dream developed into Onyx Coffee Lab in 2012. Since then, Onyx has grown to one of Arkansas' premier cafe and roasting outfits. They achieve their diverse mix of notes by embracing traditional roasting techniques alongside more modern concepts to capture classic coffee notes as well as newer trends like berry and citrus flavors. With multiple locations around the state, Onyx offers a family oriented approach to roasting and brewing coffee that emphasizes quality and flavor. We're proud to bring you Onyx Coffee Lab.

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Everything about Onyx's offering starts with their green coffee. Research on the producer, from things like historical performance to specifics about pressure range and altitude guide this roaster's purchasing process. Sometimes this results in delicious, large batches of blends and single origins. Other times their lot is as small as a single bag. In any case, Onyx Coffee Lab is committed to the science of sourcing and roasting coffee, and it shows in the final product.

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