Reverie Roasters

Reverie Roasters: Midwest Specialty Standout

Based in Wichita, Kansas and headed by Beau Harris, a seasoned coffee veteran with over 5 years of experience in specialty coffee, Reverie is a whimsical and strong player in the specialty coffee roasting scene. His philosophy: “I believe great coffee should be both intriguing and drinkable. Equal parts challenging for developed palettes and accessible for folks just starting their journey into the world of coffee. I roast coffee to modify the unique origin characteristics, attempting to highlight flavors I find interesting while also maintaining a sense of balance and clarity.”

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A classic and consistent roaster, Reverie will quickly find a special place in your heart. A talented staff focused on great beans and giving back to their community only added to the solid reputation they currently hold for making tasty coffee. As always, you can include Reverie Roaster signature blends in a coffee subscription so you never have to go without!

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