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Izzo Coffee

It is nearly impossible to find an Italian espresso that doesn't knock your socks right off. Izzo's coffee roastery has been crafting their beans with this same Neapolitan flare for over 25 years, and has expanded their craft into the field of espresso machines to ensure their beans find a quality home for brewing. As a roaster that encompasses the rich heritage and delicious flavors of Italian espresso so well, we're very proud to offer Izzo's artisan-crafted Neapolitan whole bean coffee here at Seattle Coffee Gear.

Traditional Neapolitan Espresso: Izzo Coffee Roaster

Need an espresso machine to go with that new coffee? Although Izzo made their name through their delicious beans, they make top quality machines as well! Click here to check out Izzo's Espresso Machines.

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  1. Izzo Whole Bean - Gold - 2.2 lb - Light Roast
    100% of 100
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