Velton's Coffee

When quality counts and exquisite taste is a must, there are few better coffee roasters out there than Velton’s Coffee. Continuing on the rich coffee-roasting tradition of the Pacific Northwest, this Everett, WA-based roaster combines time-tested roasting techniques with the finest internationally grown beans to craft some of the most distinct and flavorful coffee blends out there. At Seattle Coffee Gear, we carry an extensive selection of Velton’s Coffee blends shipped fresh. Continue reading to learn more about Velton’s Coffee!

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Everett's Very Best

Velton’s Coffee began as the creation of Velton Ross, a Seattle-based barista who had devoted his life to crafting the best coffee drinks possible. After decades working at various cafes and roasteries, Velton set out on his own. He used his extensive knowledge and expertise to begin roasting coffee in Everett, WA. The resulting company, Velton’s Coffee, quickly became a regional success. Using a blend of the finest internationally sourced beans, Velton’s Coffee developed coffees of all kinds, each with their own unique tastes and aromas. Today, Velton’s Coffee is growing faster than ever and has one of our highest subscription rates of any roaster. If you’re ready to develop a habit, we suggest you give it a try, too.

Where Should You Start?

By far, Velton's most popular blend is their Bonsai Blend though we're also huge fans of their Mexico Nayarita.


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