Camellia Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Abiyot Ageze

Camellia Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Abiyot Ageze

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Citrus, Milk Chocolate, Strawberry Jam
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About Camellia Coffee Roasters - Ethiopia Abiyot Ageze

Unwind with this medium roast bean, its natural process revealing bright citrus notes, blanketed by a milky chocolate taste lulled with a hint of strawberry jam. A coffee hug in each cup.

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  • Coffee Type: Whole Bean
  • Product Size: 12 oz
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Camellia Coffee Roasters

Camellia Coffee Roasters

Established in 2015 as a wholesale roaster, Camellia Coffee Roasters expanded into the cafe scene in 2018. The team at Camellia has close-knit relationships with green bean importers; working to ensure above fair trade pricing for its coffee. With a focus on ethical sourcing, transparency, and roasting coffee with care and respect, Camellia prides themselves on being a high quality coffee company that doesn’t take itself too seriously. They know if you work diligently towards exceptional goals and keep things simple and honest, everybody wins.

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