Stone Mine Premium Espresso Machine - Satin

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  • Compact Espresso Machine - A narrow 9-inch footprint sets the Stone Mine as an ideal tight-spaces espresso machine.
  • Two-Stage Temperature Control - Stone's approach to accurate brew temperatures is managed through dual heat-exchanger and electronic temperature sources.
  • Fast Heat Up Time - This unique heating system also allows Stone to reach brew and steam temperatures in a speedy 10 minute timeframe.
  • Swappable Accent Panels - Magnetic accent panels called Slabs can be swapped to match your home decor. The Mine Premium features polished case panels and brushed satin side panels.
  • Made in Milan - Stone espresso machines are built in Milan, Italy.

Portafilter, Single Portafilter Basket, Double Portafilter Basket, Backflushing Basket, Tamper, Group Brush, Removable side panels


The Stone Mine Premium Espresso Machine packs in all the tech you need to make espresso that rocks. Designed as a 'walk-up' espresso machine, the Stone is optimized to make excellent espresso without the need to wait half an hour, monitor temps, or run flushing routines to hit your target. A custom-designed 1000W, 1.5L steam boiler ensconces a calibrated brew coil that brings brew temperatures up to 165º. From there, a 200W cartridge heater built into the group brings your brew water up to its final temp‚ all actuated seamlessly with the twist of the brew paddle. This dual-element system also brings the Stone up from cold to brew and steam temperatures in a blazing fast 10-minutes‚ less than half the time it takes many E61-based machines. Controls couldn't be simpler, brewing is actuated from a group-mounted paddle while steaming uses a standard knob and 2-hole steam wand setup. Maybe most unique, the Stone Mine features a polished base color with swappable brushed satin magnetic side panels, called Slabs. Designed to keep your machine current in your kitchen for years to come, additional panel colors and finishes can be matched, mixed, and swapped from Stone's ever-changing selection.

Skill Level

For the daily barista looking for finer shot controls and higher machine quality.


Manual dosing and steaming puts drink quality in your hands.


8" Width or less.

Temp Control
Heat Exchanger

Flash-heated brew water and a large steam boiler lets you brew and steam simultaneously.

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Stone Mine Premium Espresso Machine - Satin
Stone Mine Premium Espresso Machine - Satin
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Price $1,249.97 $1,799.00 $1,249.00
Skill Level Intermediate Intermediate Expert
Programmability Manual Advanced Moderate
Size Compact Compact Mid-Size
Temp Control Heat Exchanger Double Boiler Single Boiler
Depth 17.3 inches 11 inches 11.0 inches
Case Material Stainless Steel and Aluminum Stainless Steel
Boiler Design Heat Exchanger Double Boiler Single Boiler
Boiler Volume 1.5L 0.3L Brew | 0.6L Steam 0.3L
Auto On No No No
Cup Clearance 3.5 inches 4 inches 3 inches
Cup Warmer Yes Yes Yes
Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes Yes Yes
Solenoid Valve Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 1 Year Seattle Coffee Gear Warranty 1 Year Seattle Coffee Gear Warranty 1 Year Seattle Coffee Gear Warranty
Water Source Reservoir/Internal Tank Reservoir/Internal Tank Reservoir/Internal Tank
Cup Clearance 3.5 inches 4 inches 3 inches
Pod Friendly No No Yes - with adaptation
Portafilter Size 58mm 58mm 58mm
Reinvent your home coffee space with Stone's line of compact espresso machines. An exciting sister brand from Rocket Espresso, Stone aims for a younger user than its storied predecessor. Designed to fit small apartment or condo spaces and grow and change with the owner, Stone machines keep current with their fast heat times, easy operation, and customizable side panels to match your decor.

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  • Manufacturer: Stone
  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Dimensions:
    • Depth: 17.3 inches
  • Materials:
    • Case: Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Power:
    • Wattage: 1200W
    • Voltage: 120V
  • Boiler:
    • Design: Heat Exchanger
    • Volume: 1.5L
  • Auto On: No
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards: No
  • Cup Warmer: Yes
  • Pre-Infusion/Aroma: Yes
  • Solenoid Valve: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 Year Seattle Coffee Gear Warranty
  • Water Sources: Reservoir/Internal Tank
  • Cup Clearance: 3.5 inches
  • Pod Friendly: No
  • Portafilter Size: 58mm

Warranty Information

What it Covers: Stone Espresso home machines


  • Espresso Machines: Two years parts and labor

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