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Like Hall & Oates, some things just go great together and the sum of the whole is more spectacular than the parts. Enter into the mix your new espresso machine. You spent hours watching our product videos. Don’t let an espresso grinder be an afterthought! Here we have included popular espresso machine and espresso grinder combinations for your consideration. A proper pairing will make your espresso dreams come true, woo-woo, woo-woo.

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  • Crossland Coffee CC1 and Baratza Vario Grinder Package

    The Crossland Coffee CC1 Version 1.5 espresso machine gives you more control over your shot compared to other machines in its class. The programmable PID customizes brew temperature and pre-infusion time to ensure consistently delicious shots, while the thermoblock allows you to quickly switch between brewing and steaming. Paired with the commercial-grade Baratza Vario Burr Grinder with Metal Portaholder, this compact home espresso set-up will have you pulling shots and steaming milk like a pro. Learn More
  • Rancilio Silvia and Rocky Grinder Package

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    The Rancilio Silvia performs the best when it's paired with a high quality burr grinder. You need one that goes fine enough for espresso and also provides you with an even coffee particle size so you can pull consistently great shots. Learn More

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