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Espresso Parts 6" x 6" Recessed Rinser

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Espresso Parts 6" x 6" Recessed Rinser

Set your baristas up for success with Espresso Parts 6" x 6" Recessed Rinser. This rinser is designed to install directly into your countertop, taking up minimum surface area while keeping everything you need within arms reach. Consider the work-speed your baristas will have if they're able to keep their priority materials centralized–no need to run back and forth to the sink for a clean set of pitchers! Espresso Parts has updated their rinser design with higher water pressure and a larger rinsing star so that any pitcher between 1" and 4.5" can be rinsed quickly and efficiently. The rinsing star is also equipped with non-slip ridges so that you can rinse pitchers effortlessly and maintain a steady workflow.

  • Countertop Installation: Made to install directly in your countertop for easy rinsing access.
  • Improved Design: Updated with higher water pressure, non-slip ridges, and a larger star diameter to consistently provide a quick and high quality rinsing.
    • Clean Smarter, not Harder!: Cleaning is probably the least fun part of espresso making, but a rinser can help keep that to a minimum. The Espresso Parts 6" x 6" Recessed Rinser will rinse out each pitcher right after it's used in under five seconds, allowing you to keep the workstation organized and prepped.
      • Pros
      • Uses space efficiently: Everything your barista needs to make and prep lattes will be in the same place. The counter install will also make rinser wipe-downs quicker and pitcher rinsing more stable.
      • Easy to use: Cleaning out your pitcher is as easy as holding it over the rinser, pressing down on the star, and waiting 3-5 seconds for the rinser to work its magic.
      • Non-Slip Ridges: Helps support your pitcher as you hold it over the rinsing star allowing you to multi-task or begin thinking of the next step while you clean.
  • Cons
  • Countertop Cutting: It is necessary to measure and cut a space for this recessed rinser to live in your countertop. Although this means you'll be saving space overall, it also means that the recessed rinser will be harder to move around with any modifications in decor that might occur.
  • Specifications
    • Model Number
    • Height
      2.00 inches
    • Width
      6.00 inches
    • Depth
      6.00 inches
    • Product Weight (lbs.)
    • Manufacturer
      Espresso Parts
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