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Espro Bloom Pour Over Brewer

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Ultrafine pours are yours with the Espro Bloom Pour Over Brewer. Designed to reinvigorate your daily pour over, the Bloom seeks to tighten the average grind setting found for most pour overs without increasing pour over time. The result? A rich, high-yield brew that rivals the quality you get in 3rd wave cafes. Other niceties make the Bloom a joy in the kitchen—like a low heatsink stainless build, silicone grip ring, and low-resistance flat bottom design.

  • Fine Grind: The Bloom's low-restriction base and steep sloped sides are designed to brew finer grounds than in other pour overs, increasing yield without overextracting.
  • Flat Bottom: A unique, micro-hole filter at the base of the bloom offers minimal flow resistance to the coffee bed.
  • Deep Pour: Steep sloped sides help keep the flow fast and your coffee bed even during brewing.
  • Stainless Steel: The Bloom's sturdy stainless steel construction helps keep temperatures stable in your brew bed.
  • Insulated Grip: And since metal gets hot, the Bloom helpfully includes a silicon-insulated lip for handling.
    • Pros
      • Simple and Speedy: For regular cups, the Bloom offers easier, faster quality than many other pour overs out there.
      • Steel Construction: Both metal and plastic have a lower thermal mass than glass or ceramic, meaning your slurry temp holds more consistently than in pour overs made with more classic materials.
    • Cons
      • New Brew: You'll find you have to change your workflow to match the Bloom's unique drawdown time amongst pour overs.
  • Tips and Tricks
    While the Bloom is billed as a filter-optional brewer, we found the changes required to grind size make this brew mode a surprising jump from its paper-filtered partner. Best used in emergencies only.

About Espro

If you’re a fan of French press coffee, then you’ll love these unique presses by Espro. Featuring a double filtered process that helps to eliminate sludge, Espro’s simple press produces the ideal cup. Thanks to its vacuum-insulated stainless-steel walls it also keeps your coffee hot for hours without a risk of cracking. Espro offers a great collection of presses, including traditional and travel French presses that you can take with you wherever you go. Seattle Coffee Gear also carries some useful Espro accessories like frothing pitchers and tampers.

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    Stainless Steel
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Warranty Information

What it Covers: Espro tampers, frothing pitchers and french presses

Length: 1 Year

Who Supports the Warranty: Espro

Warranty Contact Information: 604-366-3392 or email at

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No

Note: Please note that Espro will repair calibrated tampers, have replacement filters and shafts available for presses, and will replace pitchers and Dillinger tampers if they are deemed defective and still covered by warranty.

User Manual

Espro Bloom User Manual

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