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Take a deep breath, and enjoy the sound of silence with the Open Box Eureka Mignon Perfetto Grinder in Chrome. One of Eureka's new silent range of home grinders, the Perfetto sets itself apart from its miniature compatriots with a unique 'Easy Setting' dial that lets you change settings from cold brew-coarse to espresso-fine with a single twist. This combo of silence and simplicity doesn't come at the cost of quality either—the Perfetto packs in a host of Eureka's integral innovations, like a grind-saving lower burr adjust, programmable dosing, their ACE anti-clumping system, and an anti-static finish along its grind path. Available for a limited time at open box pricing, offering just one lucky person the Eureka Mignon Perfetto's full range of shiny features at a fraction of the cost.

Eureka Mignon Perfetto Espresso Grinder - Chrome - Open Box

  • Easy Setting Stepless Adjust - A newly-designed variant on stepless grind adjustments; the easy dial is designed with color-coded markings to speed up dialing-in your grinds.
  • Silenced Grind - Rubber mounts and insulation inside a thick metal case keep operation quiet.
  • Touchscreen Controls - Set and adjust single, double or continuous grind times with the high-contrast touchscreen on this open box grinder.
  • Bottom-burr Adjust - Eureka grinders adjust from below the motor and bottom burr, which saves your grind setting between burr cleaning or replacement.
  • Chutes and Crushers - A wide, sound-insulated chute with built-in clump crushers make for smooth, fluffy grinds.
  • Whisper Quiet - The case silencing does an excellent job of reducing sound. Never wake up to unexpectedly loud grinding again.
  • Smooth Grounds - The Open Box Perfetto's clump-crushing ACE system is a huge improvement over the original Mignon Instantaneo.
  • Easy Dial - The bright, colorful markers make it incredibly easy to get close to your chosen grind setting.
  • Touchy - The resistive touchscreen feels a little fragile under regular use.
  • Easy Dial - For espresso, we had to adjust down into the 'Turkish' range for a well-extracted shot.


Model Number Perfetto
Manufacturer Eureka
Width 5 inches
Depth 5.6 inches
Height 13.8 niches
Product Weight (lbs.) 18.0000
Watts 260W
Volts 110V
Case Material Aluminum
Bean Hopper Capacity 12 oz.
Dosing Options Programmable Dosing Functionality
Adjustment Configuration Stepless - Single Revolution
Grinder Style Burr - Flat Steel
Burr Diameter 50mm
Anti-Static Coating Yes
Timer or On/Off Switch On/Off Switch Only
Material Aluminum




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