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Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose Espresso Grinder

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As low as $799
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Maximize your grind with the Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose Espresso Grinder. Designed specifically for single dosing, the Mignon SD features 65mm diamond-inside burrs, a custom low-retention grind chamber and chute, and a unique canted design to shorten the path from burrs to basket. Single dosing is an enthusiast alternative to hopper-fed grinders; you weigh your dose before grinding, and add just the beans you need for every shot. Equipped with a bevy of Eureka's innovative brew technologies—like a high speed motor, sound insulation, stepless grind adjust, and anti-static system—the Mignon Single Dose offers everything you need for fresh, accurate grinds a shot at a time. A compact 45-gram hopper with Eureka's Blow-Up bellows system helps clear out stray grinds from the grind path, while an included dosing cup makes portafilter dosing an easy affair. All-manual controls and a precise stepless grind adjustment system puts you at the helm of every shot.

  • Skill Level

    Beginner: Stepped grind adjustments and simple controls help anyone get grinding.

    Intermediate: Grinders offering accurate grind controls and programmable dosing for daily coffee drinkers.

    Expert: Stepless grind adjustments and pro-barista features make these the top of the line in coffee grinding.

  • Programming

    Manual: Manually grind your just-right dose.

    Timed: Set a grind time for automatic dosing.

    Programmable: Program multiple grind times for extra drink options.

    By Weight: A built-in scale weighs coffee as it grinds for a perfect dose.

  • Grinder Type

    Espresso: Designed for precision grinds at fine settings just for espresso.

    Coffee: Consistent at coarser grind settings for slow brew coffee methods (no unpressurized espresso baskets).

    Espresso and Coffee: Capable of consistent grinding in both espresso and slow brew ranges.

  • Grind Settings

    Stepped: Notched, labeled settings for easy adjustability and repeatability.

    Stepless: Precision stepless adjustment allows for micro-changes to grind size.

  • Single Dose Grinding: The Mignon Single Dose is designed to grind espresso-sized doses you measure before adding to the grinder. This ensures minimal coffee waste and maximum flavor.
  • 65mm Burrs: Equipped with Eureka's 65mm Diamond Inside burrs, the Mignon SD promises excellent service live and high-quality grind consistency.
  • Sound Insulated: The Eureka Oro line of Mignons feature sound insulation at hopper, chute, and motor to grind quieter than most espresso grinders.
  • Blow-Up Hopper: The Mignon Single Dose comes with a miniature hopper that features a rubber bellows attachment to pump air through the grinder, pushing out stray grinds.
  • Manual Dosing: After weighing your dose, grind with a single switch into the included stainless steel dosing cup.
  • Handbuilt in Milan: Every Eureka grinder is built by hand in Milan, Italy.

About Eureka Oro

  • Manufacturer
  • Skill Level
  • Model Number
    Single Dose
  • Width
    5.5 inches
  • Depth
    10.25 inches
  • Height
    14.25 inches
  • Volts
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards
  • Bean Hopper Capacity
    45 g
  • Adjustment Configuration
    Stepless - Infinite Settings
  • Grinder Style
    Burr - Flat Steel
  • Burr Diameter
  • Size
  • Material
    Metal and Plastic

Warranty Information

What it Covers: Eureka Grinders


  • Home Use: 1 year parts and labor
  • Commercial Use: 1 year parts and labor

Warranty Point of Contact: Seattle Coffee Gear, read more about Seattle Coffee Gear's Warranty coverage.

Contact Information: 866-372-4734 or email us at service@seattlecoffeegear.com

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No

Can SCG Repair? Yes, read more about our repair services

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Adjustment Configuration Stepless - Infinite Settings Stepless - Infinite Settings Stepless - Infinite Settings
Bean Hopper Capacity 1 pound 12 oz 12 Oz
Burr Diameter 65mm 50mm 65 mm
Depth 10.5 inches 5.5 inches 5 inches
Grinder Style Burr - Flat Steel Burr - Flat Steel Burr - Flat Steel
Height 17.25 inches 13.8 inches 14.5 inches
Recommended For Espresso, Fine Drip / Pour Over Espresso, Fine Drip / Pour Over
Width 7.2 inches 5 inches 5.5 inches
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