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Everpure 4CB5 Water Filter Cartridge

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Unlike other variables that may contribute to overall flavor, the taste of your water can truly make or break a cup - but the Everpure 4CB5 Water Filter can help keep your water in check! The Everpure 4CB5 filter will block all fine particles down to 5 microns in size, and will leave you with a steady water flow at 1.67 gallons per minute (GPM). Being shorter in size than its 7CB5 filter counterpart, the 4CB5 filter will fit nicely into small or close-knit spaces and will even work well to filter many residential espresso machines. We recommend changing the 4CB5 filter out every six months to ensure a high quality of water is maintained. In that time the filter will work through 6,000 gallons of water - or, about 1,000 gallons per month! There surely are a number of different things that can effect your coffee's flavor, but without a filter installed it becomes very difficult to tell whether you are tasting the water or the coffee. Take the reigns, and pick out a filter that works best for your coffee set-up!

  • Smaller Dimensions: Fits nicely into small spaces. Can be mounted to the back of coffee brewers or hot water towers, and will even work for home use.
  • Micron Rating of 5.00: Stops all bacteria (sized over 5 microns) in their tracks!
  • Capacity for 6,000 Gallons: Works to filter through about 1,000 gallons of water per month before needing a replacement
  • 1.67 GPM flow rate: Will output water at a rate of 1.67 gallons per minute
  • Use a 3/8" water line: Compatible with the QL2 filter head
  • How Does it Compare?
    The two filters that compare most directly with the 4CB5 are the 7CB5 and the 4CB5-S. In truth, the Everpure 4CB5 filter is basically a shorter version of the 7CB5: which results in a lower rated capacity, flow rate, and shorter overall dimensions for the 4CB5. However all three of these filters share the same micron rating, meaning they will all block bacteria rating over five microns in size. The 4CB5-S stands apart from these other two filters in its ability to remove limescale build-up with its Scale Inhibitor (hence the "S" in its name); but, it will not work well to filter espresso machines because the chemical it uses to descale could cause your espresso machine to clog. Both the 4CB5 and the 7CB5 filters will work well for espresso machines that don't use hard water, but in any area where water hardness is a problem we would suggest taking a look at filters better equipped for that issue. If water hardness is a known problem in your state, check out the Claris XL or the Eso7 filter systems!
  • Tips and Tricks
    Leave 2.5" clearance below cartridge so that replacement cartridges can be easily installed!Make sure to flush the cartridge out for five minutes upon each new installation.

About Everpure

A good cup of coffee or espresso starts with great filtered water. Using filtered water truly does affect the taste of your coffee. It’s the reason why many people say that their home-brewed coffee just doesn’t taste as good as their café cups. Not only that, but using filtered water in your brewing system can help eliminate bacteria and other harmful agents that you probably don’t want to consume. Seattle Coffee Gear has the perfect solution to this problem: Everpure coffee machine water filters.

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