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Everpure 7CB5 Water Filter Cartridge

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Eliminate contaminates that could potentially overshadow the real taste of your coffee with the Everpure 7CB5 Commercial Water Filter. Hopefully you'll never see "Chlorine" written on a flavor notes card, but if your water hasn't been filtered effectively - the chlorine flavor may just be too distracting for tasters to notice anything else. This carbon block filter will eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria trying to make a break for your coffee, and at the same time your flow rate will not be compromised - maintaining a consistent stream at 2.5 gpm (gallons per minute). Everpure has also engineered this filtration system to operate under 10 - 125 psi with a maximum temperature of 100 degrees. Don't let all your hard work go to waste, extract your coffee with polished clean water so that every cup can become your best cup.

  • Micron Rating of 5.00: Any bacteria over 5 micrometers in size will have to find another place to live. Otherwise, they're just not gonna make it.
  • Capacity for 10,000 Gallons: Holy smokes that's a lot of water! Just don't drink all of it in one sitting!
  • 2.5 gpm Max Flow Rate: You won't have to compromise fresh tasting water for a fast flow rate here. You can have both! Treat yo' self...
  • Working Pressure: 10: 125 psi: Don't worry about stressing her out, this filter can really handle anywhere between 0.7 and 8.6 bars of pressure.
  • Inlet Outlet Size: 3/8" FPT: Compatible with the Everpure QL2 Head.
  • Temperature Range of 35F to 100F: Just make sure to filter the water before you heat it up.
  • How Does it Compare?
    When measured against the Everpure 7CB5-S, this filter definitely has its pro's and con's. These two filters are really the same; in fact the only difference comes down to this: The 7CB5-S has the ability to remove limescale build up because of its Scale Inhibitor (hence the "S" in its name); but, it will not work well to filter espresso machines because the chemical it uses to descale might cause an espresso machine to clog. The 7CB5 will work well for espresso machines that don't use hard water, but in any area where water hardness is a problem we would suggest taking a look at filters better equipped for that issue. If water hardness is a known problem in your state, check out the Claris XL or the Eso7 filter systems!
  • Tips and Tricks
    Leave 2.5" clearance below cartridge so that replacement cartridges can be easily installed!Make sure to flush the cartridge out for five minutes upon each new installation.

About Everpure

A good cup of coffee or espresso starts with great filtered water. Using filtered water truly does affect the taste of your coffee. It’s the reason why many people say that their home-brewed coffee just doesn’t taste as good as their café cups. Not only that, but using filtered water in your brewing system can help eliminate bacteria and other harmful agents that you probably don’t want to consume. Seattle Coffee Gear has the perfect solution to this problem: Everpure coffee machine water filters.

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