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Everpure Claris XL Water Filter Cartridge

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Keep your coffee fresh and clean with the Everpure Claris plumb-in water filter system. Designed with coffee, tea and espresso in mind, this water filter will process a gargantuan 1,740 gallons (on average) before needing replacement. This Claris cartridge is adjustable for water hardness and compatible with this 3/8 inch head for direct plumbing.

  • Maximum Flow: 1 gpm
  • Micron Rating: 5.00
  • Pressure Rating: 29 - 116 psi (2 - 8 bar)
  • Temperature Rating: 39º to 86°F
  • NSF 42 certified

About Everpure

A good cup of coffee or espresso starts with great filtered water. Using filtered water truly does affect the taste of your coffee. It’s the reason why many people say that their home-brewed coffee just doesn’t taste as good as their café cups. Not only that, but using filtered water in your brewing system can help eliminate bacteria and other harmful agents that you probably don’t want to consume. Seattle Coffee Gear has the perfect solution to this problem: Everpure coffee machine water filters.

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