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Everpure E-10 Water Filter Assembly 10in

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The Everpure E-10 Coarse Prefiltrater System works with a simple drop-in cartridge to weed out large sediment particles like copper or rust that collect as your water travels through old plumbing systems, or nearby active construction sites. Where larger sediment pieces would otherwise quickly clog your primary filter before it has a chance to filter out smaller particles - this prefiltration system will enable your primary filter to do its main job in precision filtration, and will extend its overall serviceability. Proving very useful in high sediment areas, this prefilter will catch everything over 10 microns in size before it can clog your primary filter or espresso machine. The Everpure E-10 Coarse Prefiltration System will also maintain a steady flow rate at 4 gallons per minute (gpm) creating a gentle flow from one filtration source to the next as water is polished and primed for espresso. What's even the point of having a precision filter if it just clogs up right away from all the dirt and rust, eh?

About Everpure

A good cup of coffee or espresso starts with great filtered water. Using filtered water truly does affect the taste of your coffee. It’s the reason why many people say that their home-brewed coffee just doesn’t taste as good as their café cups. Not only that, but using filtered water in your brewing system can help eliminate bacteria and other harmful agents that you probably don’t want to consume. Seattle Coffee Gear has the perfect solution to this problem: Everpure coffee machine water filters.

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