Everything but Espresso: Professional Coffee Brewing Techniques



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With his first book considered by many professional baristas to be one of the definitive guides on espresso preparation, Scott Rao turns his considerable expertise and focus on all the other ways to make coffee - press pot and pour over geeks, this one's for you.

Broken down into three main parts, the book covers:

  • Part One: Coffee extraction, measurement and methods on improving coffee flavor by changing the brewing parameters
  • Part Two: How to achieve optimal coffee flavor via different brew methods (such as drip, pour over, press pot, steeping and vacuum pot)
  • Part Three: Proper water chemistry and coffee bean storage

It also includes a thorough technical bibliography for those interested in digging deeper. A truly fascinating read.

  • Science of Coffee - From figures and charts to the why and how of coffee prep, the scientist in you will love this book
  • Variety - It covers a wide variety of coffee preparation methods, so there's a little something for everyone
  • Easy to Follow - Step-by-step guides with pictures makes this a great learning tool
  • Over the Head - This book may go too in-depth for some people
  • Trouble Free - It doesn't cover troubleshooting for common issues people might have with the different coffee preparation methods, which would really put this book over the top
How Does it Compare? This is a great book for those that want to optimize their coffee preparation and enjoy learning the science behind it. Keep in mind that this book only covers coffee, leaving the espresso to "The Professional Barista's Handbook."


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