Fellow Duo Coffee Steeper

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Ahh, the beauty of innovation. Some ideas are so simple that it takes a while before anyone realizes their worth. Enter, the Duo Coffee Steeper. A bold new combination of pour-over cone and French press, the Duo delivers a truly unique immersion brewing experience. The duo's top chamber holds a steel reverse-cone filter and a watertight locking design. Simply fill the top chamber with grounds and hot water, steep for four minutes, and twist to filter coffee from grounds into the glass bottom chamber. You get the big, round flavor profile of a French press with none of the messy grounds or slowly over-extracting coffee. Likewise, the freshness of pour-over flavor is preserved without the need for hands-on control or a paper filter. Brewing delicious coffee is a simple steep and twist away.

Features and Functionality

  • Pour-press Action - A unique combination of press-style immersion and pour-over gravity filtering results in a cup empty of fines but full of flavor.
  • Going Paperless - A reusable steel cone filter means no more paper filters.
  • Dual Chamber - Separating coffee grounds in the top chamber stops extraction when you're ready to drink, ensuring a bitter-free brewing experience.
  • Twist and Go - The over/under design of the Duo means you don't have to press or pour like traditional methods. Simply fill with grounds and coffee, steep and twist to filter coffee out of grounds.
  • No Dregs - The reverse cone filter and silicone mounting ring collect coffee more grounds for a cleaner cup.
  • Cold Brewer - The steeping chamber design of the Duo makes it a great pick for cold brewing overnight.
  • Messy Messy Messy - The Duo's design is clever, but it has quite a few parts to clean. The silicone parts also tend to collect dust.
  • No fill lines - We wish the brew top had water lines for smaller portion sizes.
How Does it Compare?

The Duo gives you less fines than a French press and a rounder flavor than a pour-over. Not to mention its unique design is sure to draw a lot of interest from guests.

Tips and Tricks

Add ice to the lower chamber for delicious Japanese style pour-over iced coffee.


Manufacturer Fellow
Model Number FP1048
Width 5.3 inches
Depth 5.3 inches
Height 12 inches
Product Weight (lbs.) 2.8800
Material No
Max/Min Ounces per Pot 24
Mid-Brew Interrupt No
Available Carafe Styles Glass
Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards No




Care and Maintenance


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