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Fellow Opus Coffee & Espresso Grinder

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Fellow's first foray into espresso, the Opus offers both espresso and brewed coffee grind ranges in a single grinder. The Opus achieves this with both an outer 41-step macro adjustment range, and an inner 'fine-tune' range that allows you to adjust your macro grind setting 6 micro-steps in either direction. Functionally, this lets you switch from espresso to brew grind ranges in a single turn, with fine-tuning for flavor possible by removing the hopper and adjusting the inner range. Outside, the Opus features a compact, well-designed footprint thanks to its single-dose hopper and magnetic catch cup. Equipped with tap-to-grind timed dosing and unique anti-static technology cribbed from the larger Fellow Ode, the Fellow Opus is truly do-it-all multipurpose grinder.

  • Skill Level

    Beginner: Stepped grind adjustments and simple controls help anyone get grinding.

    Intermediate: Grinders offering accurate grind controls and programmable dosing for daily coffee drinkers.

    Expert: Stepless grind adjustments and pro-barista features make these the top of the line in coffee grinding.

  • Programming

    Manual: Manually grind your just-right dose.

    Timed: Set a grind time for automatic dosing.

    Programmable: Program multiple grind times for extra drink options.

    By Weight: A built-in scale weighs coffee as it grinds for a perfect dose.

  • Grinder Type

    Espresso: Designed for precision grinds at fine settings just for espresso.

    Coffee: Consistent at coarser grind settings for slow brew coffee methods (no unpressurized espresso baskets).

    Espresso and Coffee: Capable of consistent grinding in both espresso and slow brew ranges.

    Coffee + Espresso
  • Grind Settings

    Stepped: Notched, labeled settings for easy adjustability and repeatability.

    Stepless: Precision stepless adjustment allows for micro-changes to grind size.

  • Coffee And Espresso Grinder: The Fellow Opus is designed to grind for both coffee and espresso fines.
  • Macro And Micro Grind Adjust: The Opus lets you quickly adjust your grind range with the macro setting, and fine tune the setting with an inner burr adjust.
  • Single Dosing: Designed to grind just what you need, the Opus' low retention and anti-static dosing will grind everything in the hopper in one go.
  • Timed Grind: Tap the grind button multiple times to grind in 30-second increments, up to 90 seconds total.
  • Magnetic Catch Bin: A magnetically-attached catch bin features a removable dosing cup that fits 54 or 58mm portafilters.
  • Anti-Static: Equipped with the same anti-ion technology as the Ode, the Opus doses cleanly with no static into the catch cup.
    • Pros
      • Compact Capability: Its exceedingly nice for a grinder with such a small footprint to pack in so much functionality.
    • Cons
      • So Many Settings: Keeping track of your inner and outer burr adjustments can be tricky to decipher.
  • Manufacturer
  • Skill Level
  • Model Number
  • Width
    5 inches
  • Depth
    8.25 inches
  • Height
    10.5 inches
  • Volts
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards
  • Bean Hopper Capacity
  • Adjustment Configuration
    Stepped - Macro and Micro Settings
  • Grinder Style
    Burr - Conical Steel
  • Burr Diameter
  • Material
    Metal and Plastic

Warranty Information

What it Covers: Fellow Electric Kettles and Grinders

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Length: 2 Year New Generation Electric: Stagg EKG Pro, Stagg EKG Pro Studio Edition, Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2, Fellow Opus

Who Supports the Warranty: Fellow Products

Warranty Contact Information: hello@fellowproducts.com

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