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GSI Outdoors Java Mill Portable Coffee Grinder

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Enjoying Mother Nature's vast beauty shouldn't stop you from appreciating a cup of freshly ground java. The next time you're packing for a most excellent expedition, don't forget the grinder! With a little manual muscle power, GSI's Java Mill will have you savoring a campsite espresso or pour over in no time. Not the outdoorsy type? Keep this grinder as a handy back-up for an unexpected power outage - you'll thank us later!

  • Detachable Parts: Remove the handle, silicone grip, grounds container and top of the grinder for easy adjustments and cleaning.
  • Portable: Because the handle is removable, you can easily change the direction in which it sits. Lock the handle horizontally with the silicone grip pointing up for low resistance grinding. When the trail is calling you name, lock the handle vertically against the grinder with the orange grip facing down for a storage friendly shape.
  • Small Bean Storage: The "bean hopper" portion of this portable grinder can hold up to 2 ounces of whole beans.
  • Adjustable Grind: Turn the rotating lever (inside the grounds container) clockwise for a finer grind and counterclockwise for a coarser grind.
    • Pros
      • BPA Free: The Java Mill is constructed of BPA free copolyester.
    • Cons
      • Resistance: As with most manual grinders, the finer the grind the more muscle power you will need during the grinding process.
  • Manufacturer
    GSI Outdoors
  • Model Number
  • Width
    2.00 inches
  • Depth
    2.00 inches
  • Height
    6.50 inches
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Case Material
    Copolyester Resin
  • Adjustment Configuration
    Stepped - Macro Settings Only
  • Grinder Style
    Burr - Conical Ceramic
  • Recommended For
    Coffee Press, Espresso, Fine Drip / Pour Over, Drip Coffee
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