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Jura C9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center

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Product Description

The Jura Impressa C9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center is the most compact one touch machine around. With a bright, user-friendly interface and a host of programmable options, the C9 is the next best thing to having your favorite barista in your kitchen. Set your preferences for temperature, volume and strength for each drink, anywhere from one to 16 ounces. The Jura C9's Automatic Cappuccino System frees your hands while sending the hot milk directly into your cup. As for this impressive automatic's other professional features, you'll adore the Clearyl water filtration system and commercial grade conical burr grinder.

How the Jura C9 One Touch Works

  • Fill the water tank to the maximum mark and prime machine per user manual
  • Fill the bean hopper with beans
  • Place a cup below the spouts
  • Push button for desired drink
  • Steam milk by turning the steam knob to steam
  • Or, combine both brewing and steaming functions into one step using the One Touch feature

Features & Functionality of the Jura C9 One Touch

  • One-Touch Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato Buttons: With the One-Touch Cappuccino button, your coffee is ground, the chilled milk is siphoned, heated and frothed into your cup. The coffee is then brewed without ever moving your cup.
  • A La Carte Button: With the a la carte button and the rotary dial you can override the coffee strength and cup size just before brewing. The new rotary dial technology also allows you to adjust the strength of the coffee on all beverage buttons while it is grinding as well as adjust the cup size during the brewing cycle.
  • Bright LED Display: Indicates key machine functions, including rinsing and cleaning.
  • Insulated Stainless Steel Milk Container: Keeps 14 ounces of milk cold for up to eight hours.
  • FrothXpress Plus System: Automated milk frothing system.
  • Energy Saving Mode: When the energy saving mode is on, there is zero energy draw.
  • Programming: Auto on/off, coffee strength, water and steam portions, brewing temperature, water volume. Three coffee strength levels and two temperature levels to choose from.
  • Commercial Solid Steel Conical Burr Grinder: Professional quality, sound insulated, with six fineness settings.
  • Bypass Doser: Pre-ground coffee funnel for flavored/coated pre-ground coffee.
  • Clearyl Water Care System: Makes decalcifying virtually obsolete.
  • Adjustable cup height: The coffee spout adjusts in height from 2.6 inches to 6 inches.
  • Rotary Dial: Programming, maintenance and information accessed via the rotary dial on face of machine.
  • Diverse Settings: The Impressa C9 can be set to seven different languages, displays cup size and time in European and American formats, keeps track of all activities and can be set to turn on and off automatically.

Included Accessories with the Jura C9 One Touch

  • Measuring Scoop
  • Illustrated instruction booklet and quick reference guide
  • Instructional DVD
  • One-Touch Capability - This is one-touch capability at the lowest price point you'll find. The Jura C9 has programmable one-touch frothing and steaming settings.
  • Easy to Use - With expansive instructions, including a DVD, and a simple-to-understand interface, you'll be able to operate this machine easily.
  • Rinsing and Cleaning Cycle - Jura's aggressive cleaning and rinsing cycles keep it in tip-top shape. The LCD screen conveniently displays maintenance needs.
  • Auto-Froth Only - Manual steaming is not an option with this machine. If you are particular about the temperature of your milk, consider a model with a standard steam wand.
  • Must Use Jura Cleaning Products - Regular use of Jura's cleaning products are required to ensure that you do not void the warranty.
  • Frequent Cleaning - Rinsing and cleaning the Jura C9 One Touch components must be done religiously.
How Does it Compare?

The Jura C9 One Touch has more programmability than the C5, plus features auto frothing. However it does not have a steam wand.

Additional Information

Model Number 13422
Manufacturer Jura
Width 11.0 inches
Depth 15.5 inches
Height 13.5 inches
Product Weight (lbs.) 45.0000
Watts 1450W
Volts 120V
Volume (Decibles) No
Programmability No
Case Material Plastic
Boiler Material Stainless Steel
Cup Clearance 4.25
Reservoir Size 64 oz
Cup Warmer Yes
Temperature No
Warm Up: Brew Time 1 min
Warm Up: Steam Time 5 min
Boiler Design Thermoblock
Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank
Auto Shut Off Yes
Auto On Yes
Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes
One-Touch No
Milk System No
Bean Hopper Capacity 7 oz
Bypass Doser Yes
Material Plastic

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I'm trying to decide between the Jura Impressa C9 & the Delonghi ESAM5500. I've watched Kat & Gail's videos on both (love all the info & input) but can't quite figure which is the better investment. I'm looking for a great 2 shot latte w/less than an 8 minute prep time (I've been using the Breville 800ESXL for several years). Any suggestions to help with the decision?
A shopper on Dec 1, 2013
Best Answer: I have owned the Jura C9 (from SCG) for roughly 3 years and this machine is simply amazing! There have been zero issues with it, self cleaning is easy and is handled by the machine. The espresso makes perfect shots each time. My ONLY (and seriouly only) hang-up on this machine was that you had little control over the milk frothing. We recently puchased the Breville Dual Boiler Espresso Machine BES920 form SCG so that we could make hotter milk and have more control over the frothing. If this is a main focus for you then i would say neither machine BUT if you are ok with the frothing on these machines than I would say the Jura offers an easy solution where you just drop in the milk feeding tube into a carton and go. You can use the stainless steel dual wall container if you milk will sit out but I don't like to clean any more than i have to. The machine can be programmed to start and be ready at a certain time so it is ready for you in the morning. When pressed on this machine is SUPER fast from cold to ready to brew. You will not be disappointed for start-up time.
Reply · Report · LARRY B on Dec 13, 2014
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How uses do you get before the C9 requires you to drop a cleaning tablet into the bypass doser? Also, I have RO water so plan to go filter less, how does it calculate time between de-scaling?
Hugh L on May 22, 2016
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Does this machine work ok with oily beans?
shellysm on Oct 23, 2016
Best Answer: I would definitely not recommend darker roasted beans in the C9, since neither the grinder or the brew unit are user accessible.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Oct 24, 2016
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reground coffee?
A shopper on Aug 20, 2016
Best Answer: Yep! the C9 does have a bypass doser for ground coffee
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Aug 22, 2016
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I want to get an entry to mid level superautomatic espresso machine. The two models that I have in mind is the Jura Ena 9 and the Jura Impressa C9. Which would you choose between the two?
cykel on Dec 16, 2014
Jura C9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center
Jura C9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center
Jura ENA 9 One Touch Espresso Machine
Jura ENA 9 One Touch Espresso Machine
Best Answer: Really, the two will be very similar. The amount of programmability, quality of the shot, and quality/temperature of the milk will be the same. The big differences are going to be the footprint size, water tank size and location, and the display/ease of controls. The C9 will have a larger water tank and will be on the side for easier access, but the control dial is not quite as user friendly and it will take up more counterspace. The ENA 9, on the other hand, will have a more compact footprint and an easier to decipher user dial/display, but the water tank is smaller (meaning you'll refill it more frequently) and is on the back of the machine. I think it really will just come down to what you like the looks of best, and what will be best in your kitchen for how you plan to use it!
Reply · Report · Stephanie AStaff on Jan 1, 2015
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are all C9's made in one country? A friend was saying some are made in China and those models aren't as good? If so how do you tell which one you have.
A shopper on Dec 13, 2014
Best Answer: I don't know the answer to that - the one I have was labelled as made in Portugal and it's been going strong for 2 years now
Reply · Report · Thomas D on Dec 13, 2014
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Trying to compare the Saeco Exprelia One Touch Superautomatic Espresso Machine with the Jura C9 One Touch Automatic Coffee Center. Watched the reviews, read the site but still.....have a few questions.
They are around the same price point, and wondering ...
Which one is quieter throat the complete process?
Which one has less maintenance issues, or is more durable?
Which makes a better cup for each setting?
Which has a wider range of coffees that can be used without clogging the system up?
A shopper on Jun 30, 2013
Best Answer: These two machines are about the same in their level of noise, with the Exprelia maybe being just a tad quieter. They will also be comparable in terms of the durability, but the Exprelia milk frothing carafe has an auto cleaning cycle that is much easier to do than cleaning the Jura tube frothing system. The Jura machines allow for a higher dosage of coffee ground, so drinks will be slightly stronger from the Jura. Either machine will clog on an oily bean like Starbucks or Peets, or anything very shiny unfortunately. The only other big difference is that the Jura machines come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, but the machine needs to be serviced by Jura, located in New Jersey. The Saeco Exprelia comes with a one year warranty, but authorized Saeco service centers are located across the US. And finally, Jura machines require the use of their cleaning and descaling products, which can be costly, while Saeco machines can use a variety of cleaning products with success, and also have an accessible brew unit that can be removed and rinsed out once a week for cleaning. Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Teri KStaff on Jul 6, 2013
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Can the Jura C9 be programmed to be turned on at a specific time?
A shopper on Jul 16, 2016
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how do I change the temperature setting?
A shopper on May 31, 2016
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Can i change the temp of the milk?
jenni s on Dec 30, 2015
· Add Answer · I Have This Question Too (0)
Can I make just steamed milk with this machine. My son likes steamed milk and I like chai latte?
k k on Feb 13, 2014
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Warranty Information for the Jura C9 One Touch

What it Covers:

Jura and Capresso espresso machines, coffee makers, tea makers, grinders and milk frothers


- 1 Year (Refurbished Jura-branded equipment, all Capresso-branded equipment)

- 2 Years (New Jura-branded superautomatic espresso machines)

Who Supports the Warranty: Jura
Warranty Contact Information: 800-767-3554
Notes: Capresso-branded equipment is often replaced rather than repaired during the warranty period, whereas Jura-branded superautomatics have a repair process managed directly by the company (located on the East Coast of the US).
Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No
Can SCG Repair? No

Caring for the Jura C9 One Touch

  • Descale every two to three months. We recommend using Jura Descaling Tablets
  • Soap out water tank (if applicable) and drip tray every few days

Videos Featuring the Jura C9 One Touch

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Compare: Jura Superautomatic Espresso Machines

Compare: Which Filter should I Choose for my Jura Superautomatic Espresso Machine?


Dislike froth automation Review by Nancy in Portland
I must say Jura stands behind their products and wants to keep you after you've had a machine for 10 years and requiring a new one as they take back the old and offer very fair pricing on a new machine. My dilemma with picking a new machine from jura was that no machine was available to froth your own milk. Th concept has proven itself to be a disappointment as the now auto froth function is in my impression horrible. Now I use the Machine for espresso, and place a Pyrex measuring cup with milk in the microwave and froth milk to a stiff foam in an effort to regain my old cappuccinos. Very pricey machine to resort to this process. I'm calling jura after the holiday as I should have opted to repair my fantastic 10 year old J9. The new machines are built for the new generation willing to sacrifice a proper cappuccino for a quick and easy execution of coffee. I'm bumbed and very disappointed. (Posted on 9/7/2015)
Terrific machineReview by Pamela
This is our second Jura. I gave the 1st one to my mother and sister after a visit in which they raved about the coffee and loved the ease of making a single cup of perfect coffee. I researched all machines and loved the ease that this web site provided for this process, especially the cute and very informative videos. I decided to upgrade a bit so that I could make a cappuccino without any fuss. This machine is a dream and gives us everything we want in a luxury coffee machine. We make espressos, cappuccinos, hot tea at the touch of a button.

There is one small difference from the other Jura that I don't like. The shiny metal tray that the cups sit on is an awful idea. The other Jura had a brushed metal tray that with one simple wipe with a dishcloth or paper towel always looked clean. The shiny tray is impossible to keep looking clean as it shows every little smudge, smear and drop of anything. Even after washing with hot soapy water it will somehow smudge when drying! Must have been designed by someone who is into looks and not practicality. This is an unnecessary aggravation that could have easily been avoided through a better design decision. I hope designers read these feedback write ups.

Other than that (which is why I gave it a 4 and not a 5 for quality), I love the ease of use and the ability to program it to make espresso and other hot drinks the way we like them. (Posted on 1/27/2014)
Great with a couple of minor issuesReview by Thomas
I looked for a total of about 3-4 hours online at the various machines described on this web site. This is my first automatic high end machine, although I have used prior versions of Jura machines when staying with friends - prompting me to splurge on one for myself. No more mornings scrubbing out the stainless steel stove top espresso maker!

This is a great machine - there are two things about it that take some getting used to. One is that the dual espresso dispenser jets even when elevated to their top position do not accommodate slightly larger coffee mugs - not a big deal overall, but if you like to have 2 espressos in one cup and lots of milk in addition you have to transfer to another cup.

The other thing that takes some getting used to is, I think, a real design flaw. That is, the plastic lid that flips up to rest oriented vertically above the water basin is very flimsy. The water basin has to be lifted relatively carefully with two hands gently upward and outward to refill it - too much force at all and the thing will lift upward and out forcefully - and that may either break the lid or parts of the water basin itself. Again, not a big deal, but this thing is almost $1700!

Anyhow, I love the coffee and espresso etc. Once you get used to the necessary vigilance and assiduous cleaning needed for the rubber hose and milk frother connection that also is a real plus.

I appear to be the one who did not give 5 stars on quality - but again, for the extremely high price it is strange that a frequently used part it poorly designed. One other aside is that this is ostensibly a Swiss product - the exterior box features a large image of Swiss tennis star Roger Federer. Ah, but once you open up the interior machine you will note in large letters "Made in Portugal." Just sayin', Portugal isn't Switzerland.

One final comment which I didn't note anywhere on the video productions about this machine and in relatively few comments is the fact that this machine goes through a fair amount of beans. This is my first machine, so perhaps they are all like that, but it seems to use about 30 % more beans overall that the equivalent used by a stove top espresso maker using ground beans.

Shipping and customer service from Seattle Coffee Gear was great, with one exception. For a $1649 purchase they graciously gave me a $10 gift card that arrived with the machine - but when I went to use it 3.5 months after the machine arrived I noticed in small print on the back of it that it expired 3 m from the date they mailed it to me. I found this sort of lame, since the machine comes with 2 cleaning tablets and two filters, and those items are enough to carry a typical user beyond three months of use. I had to throw out the gift card when I reordered my cleaning tablets and supplies.

(Posted on 4/25/2013)
UnbelievableReview by bluelabel
I can't believe the quality and performance of this machine. My wife is the expert coffee drinker while I am the novice. The DVD made it so easy for me to set up and learn every function in about 10 minutes. Latte's are a snap. I drink more coffee now than ever before. The automation of the machine lets you [know] what it needs maintenance wise which makes me believe it will last for many years. Oh and the SCG test video's made it easier to choose what machine was appropriate for our needs. (Posted on 3/20/2013)
Amazing machineReview by 65Tree
We were about to buy a Nespresso Citiz with AeroccinoPlus. Decided to buy the C9 to replace a 6-month-old Technivorm Moccamaster in perfect condition. We wanted one machine that would do it all. Now I have wonderful coffee, my wife has perfect latte and our 13 year old son makes beautiful macchiatos. This machine is better than my extensive research revealed. It is so simple to use. Now we have one beautiful coffee center on our counter that produces terrific coffees when we're in the mood. Minimal clean up. Factory settings are very good but very easy to override during the brewing process. One very pleased family. SCG crew is wonderful and so easy to work with. So glad my nephew introduced us to you.

Great Taste, Beautiful, Quick Brewing, Easy To Clean, Easy To Use, Large Water Container

None (Posted on 12/29/2010)
Our coffee houseReview by cookin nana
I bought this for my husband at the completion of our remodel. We love it. Our daughter owns a coffee shop and her machines use the same type technology. I'm a tea drinker so I chose this model because of the hot water feature. Everyone who has coffee at our house loves it!

Easy To Use, Large Water Container, Great Taste, Easy To Clean, Quick Brewing

(Posted on 11/28/2010)
Worth every pennyReview by Coffee lover
It has all the bells and whistles that you would need without too much fluff. I like the programming option, as I was able to set the one touch cappucino to actually allow enough milk for a latte - my high school daughter makes them in the morning. The ground coffee bypass option is great for that late afternoon or evening decaf.

The quality of the milk foam is quite good for a super automatic in this price range. No different from frothing in a stainless steel pitcher with my old machine. I was even able to froth egg nog that was thinned a bit with milk.

Easy To Use, Easy To Clean, Great Taste, Quick Brewing

(Posted on 3/23/2010)

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