Jura GIGA 5 Automatic Coffee Center

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Ships December 15!

  • – LCD Color Display
  • – Double Acting
  • – Two Grinders and Hoppers
  • – Programmable Beverage Settings
  • – High Capacity Dump Box
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Sometimes more is just more, but sometimes more is awesome. Built to brew two drinks at a time and offered in two different colors, the Jura GIGA 5 is a powerhouse superautomatic perfect for a small office environment or high capacity home user. With 18 programmable drink settings, coffee lovers can customize their beverage temperature, water volume, dosage, and milk foam to deliver the perfect latte or ristretto at the touch of a button.

Features and Functionality

  • Double Acting: Two pumps, two heating systems and two flow meters enable this machine to prep milk and espresso simultaneously and brew two drinks at once.
  • Programmable Beverage Settings: Choose from three water temperature settings, five dosage settings (5 - 16 grams), water volume (.8 - 8.1 oz), milk volume (0-120 seconds), milk foam (0-120 seconds), and hot water (.8 - 15 oz).
  • Two Grinders and Hoppers: Two flat ceramic disc grinders operate quickly and quietly. You can select a grinder when brewing which is handy in case two types of beans (say decaf and regular) are offered.
  • Two Colors to Choose From: Choose from aluminum or piano black to fit your fancy and your kitchen.
  • LCD Color Display: The LCD color display is easily navigated with buttons on each side and the rotary dial on top.
  • High Capacity Dump Box: The grounds container holds up to 20 pucks, cutting down on emptying time.
  • Energy Saving: Program auto-off functionality within a 15 minute to 15 hour window.
  • Twice the Fun! - You can brew two drinks at the same time using this high capacity machine.
  • Two Types of Beans - With two hoppers, and the ability to select the one you want to brew from, you can have two types of beans on hand - maybe decaf in one and a single origin in the other?
  • Generous Dosing - Dose up to 16 grams with your beverage, the most out of other superautos on the market.
  • Pricey - This powerhouse is built for capacity, so it may be overkill in a home environment.
How Does it Compare?

This machine would be a strong replacement to the Jura XS90 that was recently discontinued.

Tips and Tricks

The GIGA 5 takes the Clearyl Blue filter by Jura. Insert it into the water tank, fill the tank and the machine will walk you through an auto rinse cycle. This adds water to the drip tray so make sure you start with an empty drip tray.

To remove the bean hoppers, simply open the service cover located in the back of the machine by pressing above the Jura logo. With access to the back of the machine (and while the machine is off), push the red sliding catch back and then turn the blue locking device outwards. Voila! You should now be able to easily remove the bean hoppers from the Giga 5.


Model Number Aluminum: 13623 | Piano Black: 15066
Manufacturer Jura
Width 12.6 inches
Depth 19.6 inches
Height 16.3 inches
Watts 1250W
Volts 120V
Programmability No
Cup Clearance 2.8 - 6 inches
Reservoir Size 87 oz
Cup Warmer Yes
Temperature No
Boiler Design Thermoblock
Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank
Auto Shut Off Yes
Auto On Yes
Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes
One-Touch Yes
Milk System Capuccinatore/siphon
Bean Hopper Capacity 2 hoppers, each 9.8 oz
Bypass Doser Yes


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Where is it manufactured?
A shopper on Jul 23, 2017
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Is there a way to change the amount of coffee that comes from each grinder so that one can be decaf and the other caf?
rachelle f on May 24, 2017
Best Answer: You can fill one hopper with caf and the other with decaf, and set the percentage so that you have say 25% caf with 75% decaf for one or two cups. But if you are making two cups at the same time it will be the same for both cups. We have an office of 20 and no one makes two cups at a time. It makes the drink pretty quickly so readjusting for your preference is no issue. The machine does not need to clean or anything like that between cups.
Reply · Report · Christian F on May 30, 2017
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We are looking to purchase an espresso machine for small office of 8 people. We have around 24 cups of coffee MAX, usually its like 15 or so but with clients, buys days and such it can get higher. Would this machine be appropriate? Also, what kind of cleaning would we need to do and how often? Thanks! Appreciate all the info on these questions! ALSO, what would be the cheapest espresso machine for our situation?
Melissa M on Sep 21, 2016
Best Answer: I think the Giga will be perfect for the volume of coffee you'll be serving on a daily basis. As far as keeping up with maintenance, the Giga will alert you to when it needs to be cleaned and it features auto-rinse profiles that do a lot of the work for you.

Hope this helps!
Reply · Report · Joshua SStaff on Sep 22, 2016
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Does this machine have a rinse function that cleans the residual milk from the clear milk tube? Or does the tube have to be removed after use and rinsed in a sink?
Joe A on Jan 14, 2016
Best Answer: You have to remove the milk tube and rinse it daily in the sink. I also do use the jura cleaning product to clean the tube once a week.
Reply · Report · g3powerbook on May 15, 2016
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do ypu have some financing program?
SALAJCZYK C on Nov 28, 2015
Best Answer: We only offer financing on commercial machines.
Reply · Report · Michele BStaff on Dec 6, 2015
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How often does the milk need to be replaced and the milk container cleaned? Is the milk kept cold?
A shopper on Sep 15, 2015
Best Answer: The machine comes with a 20oz double-wall thermos, this will only keep your milk cold for a short period of time while outside of the refrigerator. Milk will need to be replaced as necessary and milk container should be cleaned regularly.
Reply · Report · Miranda GStaff on Nov 4, 2015
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Is there a lease option for the Jura GIGA 5 instead of outright purchase?
A shopper on Sep 15, 2015
Best Answer: Sorry, unfortunately we do not have leasing options available for our home equipment. Only our commercial machines can be purchased with financing. I would recommend contacting our commercial department at 866-372-4734 to discuss the right machine for your situation and they can connect you with lenders that we have worked with.
Reply · Report · Miranda GStaff on Oct 7, 2015
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Is it possible to have different beans in the Giga 5 hoppers and select a specific hopper at brew time? My husband and I have very different views on coffee!
maryg on Aug 25, 2015
Best Answer: Yes, definitely! You'll want to select the Barista mode, so that the percentage that you're drawing from each hopper is displayed on the front screen. This will speed it up rather than having to change it with the advanced menu. Or, you could alternatively program a couple drinks to be drawing from the hoppers in the percentage that you'd like. So, I believe that if you set the "Espresso" drink to draw 100% from one hopper, you could select the "Coffee" drink to draw 100% from the other hopper I believe, then just adjust the volume of water down to the espresso amount. One person could always use the Espresso drink, the other always use the Coffee drink, and never the two shall meet! :-)
Reply · Report · Miranda GStaff on Oct 8, 2015
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I'm planning to open a small cafe. Would this machine be a good choice?
Kristi S on Jul 16, 2015
Best Answer: No, this is a home machine. If you are opening a cafe, you'll want to look at our commercial machines.
Reply · Report · Michele BStaff on Aug 10, 2015
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What is the cleaning process?
Brooke F on Apr 30, 2015
Best Answer: Like any espresso machine, this machine also requires regular descaling that you want to do every 2-3 months depending on your water's hardness. Specific instructions can be found in the manual which is linked under the "resources" tab.
Reply · Report · Michele BStaff on May 26, 2015
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how much 10oz cups of coffee can both the hoppers make if they start full?
Sean W on Jun 12, 2017
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LOVE MY GIGA 5 and use it in our homeReview by Grandmarene
I just cut and pasted this from the Saeco review I just did. Sorry it is so long but it really covers what I LOVE about my GIGA 5:
Gail, I purchased my Saeco Xelsis from you a few years ago and had nothing but problems with it. For that reason, I will never purchase another Saeco. I LOVE learning from you and watched ALL your reviews on ALL makes and models for YEARS before I actually could afford to purchase this first grand coffee machine. I LOVED the Saeco Xelsis and the coffee was fantastic but it just kept having expensive repairs that would require long extended times in the shop. It never failed but would happen during the holidays. It was embarrassing to have such an expensive machine - breaking down when you wanted to use it the most.

The repair shop I took it to was LOADED with Saeco's for repair but no Jura's - even though that is what they sold more of. I had the Saeco in for repairs 5 times in the 3 years I owned it. The third year I didn't have the use of it, I left it in the shop because I REALLY wanted a new/different machine but my husband wasn't willing to pay that kind of money for that kind of headache again and I wasn't willing to pay for another $300 repair bill - only to have it break down again.

I finally traded it in (with my husbands blessings), for a Jura Giga 5 and am LOVING IT!!! Only had it a year so not fair to compare just yet BUT the Saeco broke down in the first two months so I am already ahead when it comes to repair issues.

PRO: for JuraI love that the Jura holds 87 oz water (Saeco 54 oz), stores 9 oz of coffee beans in each of the two hoppers for a total of 18 oz (compared to 12 oz in only ONE hopper), two hoppers allows me to have one for decaffeinated coffee and one for full force coffee when we have company OR two different flavors of coffee. My Jura holds more used coffee grounds, (20 compared to =manual says 15 but my Saeco only held 10. Also, if you empty them when the machine is off - it doesn't know it and tells you to dump - THINKING it is still full. Jura holds more dirty rinse water but I never measured to know how much they each hold and I try to remember to put a pitcher under the spouts to catch the automatic rinse water. The Saeco takes forever to descale and you have to stay there to follow the onscreen directions. I was THRILLED when my Jura only took a few minutes. My Jura puts out hotter milk, (which was a REAL issue my husband had with the Saeco), hotter coffee, is quieter, faster, takes taller cups (6.3 inches compared to 4.5 inches)and I don't have to rinse the brew group manually. It is much faster and easier to clean - walks you thru what you need to do and tells you when you need to do it. I didn't appreciate that my particular Saeco never would let me KNOW that it was out of coffee beans and would go ahead a pour in hot water and milk. I LOVE the refrigerated addition to my machine that keeps my milk ON THE COUNTER - ICE COLD so I can leave my milk out till finished making coffee for family and friends. With the Saeco - I had to throw a lot of milk out because I had FORGOTTEN it - THINKING someone was going to go back and get another coffee. I have not thrown ANY milk out since my daughter bought this Jura milk cooler for us for Christmas. Even the one that came with the unit held the milk for some hours cold but this one holds it ICY cold and day and night. The Jura milk container and cooler are easier to clean and connect than Saeco's BUT you DO have to remove the tube and where the milk comes out and wash it daily so milk doesn't get clogged in it. My Jura carafe or the cooler holds more milk than the Saeco carafe. There is a beautiful blue light that lights up where your cup would go - sets it off on the counter at night time. I wouldn't go back to a Saeco now even if they were not a repair nightmare. There is just too much that I love better about my Jura - and for the price - I SHOULD. : )

CONS: for Jura What I don't like is my Jura is larger 12.6WX16.3Hx19.6D compared to 10.9Wx15Hx16.4D (not a big deal for me), has plastic instead of Saeco stainless steel, was more expensive and the frothing wand isn't long enough and movable IF I did want to use the frother instead of letting the machine automatically froth my drinks. I enjoyed doing the frothing art thing on top so I did play with mine when I had a Saeco. It is POSSIBLE with the Jura just not as easy. Saeco came with easy instructions and better pictures (I thought), on how to do everything. The Saeco cup warmer (which is just the natural heat of the machine on top), was nice - Jura sells one separately that apparently REALLY heats the cups. I have a daughter that went thru 3 Saeco high end machines before also switching to Jura - and they also love their Jura and cup warmer. (Posted on 2/26/2017)

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Warranty Information

What it Covers: Jura and Capresso espresso machines, coffee makers, tea makers, grinders and milk frothers

Length: 1 Year (Refurbished Jura-branded equipment, all Capresso-branded equipment), 2 Years (New Jura-branded superautomatic espresso machines)

Who Supports the Warranty: Jura

Warranty Contact Information: 800-767-3554

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No

Can SCG Repair? No

Note:Capresso-branded equipment is often replaced rather than repaired during the warranty period, whereas Jura-branded superautomatics have a repair process managed directly by the company (located on the East Coast of the US).

Care and Maintenance

We recommend cleaning out the drip tray and water tank every few days.

User Manual

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