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La Marzocco Strada "Filter X" Portafilter Basket - 58mm

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As low as $28.95


Because of all the variables in coffee and espresso production, true consistency can be a lofty goal. As a leading manufacturer of commercial espresso machines, La Marzocco knows this better than anyone, as it recognizes that trying to minimize variance makes for happier coffee drinkers. This is the reason behind the La Marzocco Strada (now branded as "Filter X") Portafilter Basket. Using laser precision, the Strada Portafilter Basket eliminates inconsistency in hole size as well as positioning.

The double basket (17g) will fit most 58mm portafilters, the triple basket (20g) will most likely require a bottomless portafilter, but please check manufacturer specifications on your machine to be sure.

How the La Marzocco Strada Portafilter Basket - 58mm Works

Fill it up just like you would a standard portafilter:

  • Lightly fill the portafilter basket to the top.
  • Use your finger to gently even out the grounds.
  • Lightly press the tamper into the grounds and find a good center point.
  • Evenly apply approximately 30 lbs. of pressure to the grounds.
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    La Marzocco
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    Stainless Steel
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