La Pavoni Stradivari Manual Espresso Machine - Chrome - PSC-16

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With more chrome than a tricked-out Maserati, the La Pavoni Stradivari PSC 16 looks like a work of art and performs like a finely-tuned race car. The results will win you adoring fans who follow your trials and triumphs in pursuit of the perfect espresso shot. After a few warm up laps, the La Pavoni Stradivari PSC 16 is ready to go toe to toe with any manual machine out there, pulling up to sixteen espresso shots before the finish line. The proof is in the espresso shot glass, La Pavoni is a winner!

Features & Functionality of the La Pavoni Stradivari Works

  • Professional-Grade Boiler: With a 38-ounce capacity, you can make up to sixteen two-ounce cups of espresso.
  • Dual Frothing System: Use the manual wand or automatic frothing adapter to steam your milk.
  • Recessed Switches: Both the power switch and button are recessed for a streamlined look.
  • Triple Chrome Plated: Heavy duty chrome plating makes for beautiful, functional design.
  • Solid Brass Boiler: The nickel-plated solid brass boiler provides improved temperature regulation.
  • Incomparable Shots - You'll be pulling the best shots you've ever tasted from this espresso machine and will have the opportunity to truly perfect each aspect of espresso extraction.
  • Sturdy Design - The weight and size of this espresso machine could lend itself to improved stability during the extraction process..
  • Beautiful Design - The Stradivari is both elegant and functional, allowing you to pull a large quantity of espresso while maintaining its grand aesthetic appeal. You can go commercial without looking industrial.
  • Learning Curve - You're going to have a few up close and personal dates with your Stradivari before you can really get to know it. But once you've figured out how to pull shots from this machine, you'll wonder why you ever dabbled with any other espresso machine before.
  • Requires Burr Grinder - Consistency in coffee grinds requires that you invest in a high-end burr grinder in order to successfully extract great shots with Stradivari.
  • Second Shot's the Charm - It's often said that the first shot on manual espresso machines are not that great. Therefore, you'll probably end up throwing out your first shot of the day.


Model Number PSC-16
Manufacturer La Pavoni
Width 7.5 inches
Depth 10.25 inches
Height 13.0 inches
Product Weight (lbs.) 14.0000
Watts 1000W
Volts 110V
Volume (Decibles) No
Case Material Chrome
Boiler Material Brass/Copper
Cup Clearance 2.5 inches
Boiler Volume 54 oz
Reservoir Size 54 oz
Portafilter Size No
Available Portafilters Non-Pressurized
Warm Up: Brew Time 5 minutes
Warm Up: Steam Time 15 minutes
Boiler Design Heat Exchanger
Pod Friendly Yes - without adaptation
Water Sources Reservoir/Internal Tank
Pre-Infusion/Aroma Yes
Material Chrome


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I just ordered this machine in wood. Can you tell me if I should be concerned what at least one reviewer mentioned about the base being made of plastic and thereby flexing near the base of the tank? Is the base indeed plastic?
Another commented having some leaking under the tank due to the different metals, brass and steel or whatever having different temperature coefficients and therefore expansion and contraction rates?
Chris L on Jun 30, 2013
Best Answer: The base is not plastic but it does have a plastic cover on the bottom. The base will flex a small amount if the coffee is ground very fine restricting the water flow but I do not see it as a problem. I use mine every day for at least the past few months and no leaks. The tank does move at the base a small amount. I purchased mine on a recommendation of a friend who has been using his for years without issue.
Reply (1) · Report · David C on Jun 30, 2013
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Can you please recommend a few burr grinders that wil grind espresso beans well for use with this La Pavoni manual machine?
A shopper on May 25, 2013
Best Answer: I had one of these "back in the day" and it was definitely sensitive to fineness of grind. Get a good grinder like the Rancilio Rocky and spend some time dialing in the right grind. It might take a little experimentation so don't get discouraged. Good Luck!
Reply · Report · Michael D on Jul 15, 2013
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I have been using my La Pavoni Stradivari PSC 16 for about a year now. I usually use it on weekends so it has not seen daily use. Today, suddenly, the group head will not build any pressure. When I lift the handle every thing seems/feels normal but when I press the handle down it takes no effort and the espresso and crema literally shoots out of the portafilter rather than dripping! I am using the same beans and grind settings that I have been using for months so it seems there is something drastically wrong with my beloved Stradivar!? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

Ira G on Jul 2, 2017
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18 Month Follow-upReview by George
We have used this machine daily for a year and a half, and at his point have an affection for it usually reserved for pets. We are pretty much too spoiled to drink shop-brewed coffee. We use Velton's Bonsai Blend ground in a Capresso conical burr grinder set on the coarsest of the "fine" settings. For quick warm-ups, I now like to immerse the filter head in a cup of hot water and lift the lever for a few seconds, and run hot water through the filter itself. We have an instant hot water dispenser, so doing so is very convenient.

I bought this machine thinking it would be simple and sturdy enough to be practically indestructible, or at least maintainable indefinitely. So far, so good. Here are some nit-picky criticisms:
-Auto-frother position allows drips to fall outside of catch-pan. Wipe up has dulled chrome base finish over time. In a do-over, I'd buy the black base version instead. La Pavoni should consider offering a re-desinged base with an oval drip basin that catches drips from the frother.
-Auto-frother needs water run through it after each use and monthly clean-out with vinegar water. For daily use, we still prefer the auto-frother to the traditional wand attachment despite the additional maintenance it requires.
-Pressure gauge allowed over-pressure on one occasion, handled well by the relief valve. Problem was transient and has not recurred.

I fully expect to pass this machine on to my grandkids in 30 years or so.

Compact quiet robust, Great Taste

(Posted on 6/20/2011)
Very Satisfied So FarReview by George
After two weeks' use, I've found this machine easy to use. I appreciate its steamship-era aesthetics and durability, silent operation and small footprint. The larger tank capacity does not affect warm-up time but allows me to serve 8 without refilling. Some pointers that may be useful:
-Steam pressure drives water into the filter and pump assembly when you lift the pump lever. Lift the lever and PAUSE a few seconds, until a drop or two of coffee drips from the filter holder. Then push the lever to express over a few seconds. This insures that the puck is saturated and yet expression occurs in less than 20 seconds so the bitter is left behind. Try doing that with a pump machine!
-Expression becomes hard work when the grind is too fine OR the puck is over-compressed--mainly the latter in my experience.
-Pre-warm the filter holder and pump by putting a shot through with no coffee to start. If you tamp your coffee into a cold filter, the metal will expand when it warms, allowing water to flow around rather than through the puck. Methinks this is the source of the "first-shot-is-wasted" comments others have made.
-Velton's Bonsai Blend rules!

Easy To Use, Quiet, Great Taste, Commercial Grade, Designed for easy repair, Easy To Clean, Large Water Container

(Posted on 9/13/2010)

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Warranty Information for the La Pavoni Stradivari

What it Covers: La Pavoni espresso machines

Length: 1 Year

Who Supports the Warranty: European Gift

Warranty Contact Information: 914-664-3448

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No

Can SCG Repair? Yes, read more about our repair services

Caring for the La Pavoni Stradivari

  • Descale every two to three months. We recommend using Dezcal.
  • Wash all removable components with soap and water on a regular basis (many are not dishwasher safe).
  • Clean steam wand with damp rag immediately after use.
  • Clean brewhead weekly with group head brush.

User Manual for La Pavoni Stradivari

La Pavoni Stradivari Espresso Machine User Manual

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