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Whether you're just getting started making coffee at home or you've been doing it for years, it's always a great idea to go back to basics. Where do coffee beans come from? How are they processed? What exactly is crema and why would you/wouldn't you want it?

Coffee 101 Articles

  • Coffee Flavor Profiles - Notes of caramel or hints of tangerine? The Coffee Flavor Wheel guides even the most expert coffee taster's sense of aroma and flavor. Check out the diagram and read more about how your unique sensory input will ultimately define how coffee tastes to you.
  • Coffee Press Yields - You need a new French press, one that will fill your lucky mug to the rim with caffeinated goodness. Which size is just right? Get the low down on cups, ounces, volume and yield with this handy chart.
  • Coffee Roasts, Shades & Flavors - Looking for a new coffee to try but having difficulty navigating the myriad names used on coffee labels? Kenneth Davids' handy guide breaks it down for your reference.
  • It Starts with Great Coffee - This is where it all begins! Learn about different coffee plant varieties, how they're grown & processed, general tastes by region, general roasting theory and a bit of science behind the magic -- for good measure.
  • Tea 101 Guide - Ever wonder what the difference between black or green tea is? Does your favorite mango-infused tea count as a true tea, or is it a tisane? And what the heck is a tisane?! If so, this comprehensive tea guide will answer these burning questions -- and more!
  • What is Crema? - Wow ... Okay -- what's the big deal here? Is crema important? What does it mean if your shots do or don't have it? What exactly is it? We break it down for you in this article. Or, if you like a little bit of eye candy while you learn, take a gander at this gorgeous infographic.

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