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Do you want to know the real secret to having delicious coffee? Yes, you can fine tune your grind, even out your tamp, and calibrate the perfect brew temperature, but no matter how much you tweak these variables, the real secret is in the beans. Fresh beans are essential to make delicious coffee and to develop that coveted crema in your cup.

Do you know how old your coffee beans are? If you don't, then it's probably time to get fresh beans! Once beans are roasted, they expel carbon dioxide for approximately 72 hours during a process called outgassing. Many of our local roasters use bags that feature one way valves which allow this carbon dioxide to escape, while insulating beans from contact with oxygen which can break down the fat solids (that help create rich crema), and make them go stale. We recommend that once you open a new bag of coffee, it should be stored in an airtight container, in a cool dry place and consumed within one week.

We partner with amazing Seattle-based roasters who freshly roast our coffee to order each week before it arrives in our warehouse. We never ship a bag that's over two weeks from the roast date to ensure that you have the freshest beans in your cup. Every coffee has it's own sweet spot, or peak time for enjoyment post-roast, so we encourage you to experiement and find your own personal favorite. You can find details about each local roaster that's part of this program below.

It is true that consolidation of the coffee gear you ordered with your coffee bean order may delay your shipment, generally until Thursday when the fresh roasted beans are delivered to us in the morning. We do this in order to save you additional shipping costs, minimize our carbon footprint and to ensure you get the freshest beans possible. Don't be sad! We stock larger quantities of our most popular blends so often times there will be no delay. Our shipping elves are very prompt and you will receive confirmation and tracking information just as before.

Caffe Ladro

Since 1994, Caffe Ladro has been serving Seattle style hot, delicious coffee and espresso. From the delicate flavors of their Fremont roast to the signature Ladro Espresso served at their thirteen Seattle-area cafes, we're making this Seattle staple available nationwide! Fresh delicious coffee ships on Thursday.

Middle Fork Roasters

Named after the middle fork of the Snoqualmie River, Middle Fork has been roasting beans since 2009. They have perfected the delicate art of 'full city' roasting; bringing their beans through the second crack gives each of their blends a unique and spicy full bodied taste. Fresh beans ship on Thursday.

Velton's Coffee

Velton roasts and blends coffee in small batches to preserve the highest level of quality control and consistency at his roastery in Everett, WA. Velton’s Single Origins are roasted to order every week. Fresh java ships on Thursday.

Learn more about single origins and Velton’s roasting philosophy in this video:


Zoka Coffee

The small-batch roasting, homemade baked goods, and hand-sourced teas make it tough to find a seat at Zoka's Seattle cafes. Their award winning Espresso Paladino stands behind Northwest barista champions, and now you can enjoy it in your pajamas. Fresh cofee ships on Thursday.

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