Freshly Roasted!

Easily the most important part of any coffee making process is the beans! Whether you’re pulling a shot of espresso, delicately crafting a pourover, using your favorite press or even just brewing a drip pot, having freshly roasted coffee is step one! At Seattle Coffee Gear, we always make sure you get beans that are fresh and ready for you to brew. Each of our roasting partners provides strict guidelines for their coffee to make sure that we get rid of anything expired (don’t worry, we make sure any leftovers are donated!). This ensures that you always get fresh, delicious beans.

Directly after roasting, coffee beans need around 72 hours to release carbon dioxide built up in the bean. This process is facilitated by small valves on the bag that can release air one way (which also gives you a whiff of coffee goodness!). After these 72 hours, your beans are ready to grind and brew! It’s possible that gear ordered with your coffee may be delayed so that we can make sure you get fresh beans delivered in the most environmentally and economically friendly way possible, but never fear! We’ll have your whole order to you as quickly as possible. We maintain a larger rotating stock of our most popular blends, so only some orders will see this delay.

We’re sure you’ll love these roasts as much as we do!


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