Recipes | Coffee & Espresso Drinks

Surprise and delight your tastebuds with one of our delicious coffee or espresso drink recipes! If you don't count the calories, we're all good.

Recipes - Coffee and Espresso Drinks

Directory of Espresso Drinks

Here's a list of some of the more popular espresso drinks you might find at a cafe -- or home kitchen! -- near you. Visually-inclined? Check out this lovely infographic version.


A 5 - 6 oz. beverage with a single shot of espresso; equal parts foam and milk are poured together and the foam separates to the top prior to serving.

Cafe Americano

Fill serving cup about 3/4 full of hot water and top with 2 - 3 shots of espresso.

Cafe Breve

Similar to a Cafe Latte, with half-and-half instead of milk.

Cafe Con Leche

1:1 ratio of espresso or strong coffee plus steamed milk in an 8 oz cup, add sugar to taste.

Cafe Con Panna

Shot of espresso topped with whipped cream.

Cafe Corretto

Espresso with a shot of brandy, cognac or other liqueur.

Cafe Creme

1.5 oz of espresso plus 1 oz heavy cream.

Cafe Freddo

Chilled espresso, often iced, served in a glass.

Cafe Latte

Served in sizes ranging from 8 - 16 oz; generally, 1 - 2 shots per 8 oz of milk. It's mostly steamed milk, topped with a bit of microfoam.

Cafe Latteccino

Espresso plus two parts steamed milk and one part foamed milk.

Cafe Lungo

Similar to a Cafe Americano, a double shot pulled longer than the usual 25-30 seconds.

Cafe Macchiato

1.5 oz of espresso in a demitasse, marked by a dollop of foamed milk.

Cafe Mocha

Generally 8 - 16 oz serving size with 1 - 2 shots of espresso per 8 oz of milk. Espresso, chocolate and steamed milk are combined together, then topped with a bit of microfoam and/or whipped cream.

Cafe Ristretto

Concentrated shot using just ½ - 1 oz of water, resulting in a dense, extremely aromatic shot.

Cafe Romano

Regular espresso served with a twist of lemon or lemon peel.

Cuban Coffee

This intensely sweet, concentrated espresso can be prepared in a variety of ways, including the following: A Cafe Ristretto augmented with quite a bit of sugar after the fact or by infusing your coffee grounds and sugar together and pulling a shot that incorporates both flavors into the extraction.


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