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Invented in 2005 by American inventor Alan Adler, the AeroPress is an ingenious coffee brewing device. Adler describes the brew produced as an espresso strength concentration of coffee while others may say it’s more like strong coffee. The device is made up of two cylinders, one with a rubber plunger that fits inside the larger cylinder that will create an airtight seal, similar to a syringe. As the user places fine-ground coffee in the bottom of the larger cylinder on top of a paper microfilter, hot water is then poured over the coffee and is steeped for 10 seconds before being pushed through the filter using air pressure from the second cylinder pushing against it.

One of Adler's other famous inventions, the Aerobie Pro flying disc, holds multiple world records for farthest object thrown. Like the flying disc, the AeroPress is quick and easy for brewing great coffee 'on the fly.'

Equipment Specialties

The AeroPress is an amazingly affordable coffee brewing device that provides high quality coffee. It is great for all types of travel, camping, and boating due to its small size, sturdiness, and amazing flavor production.  Why drink instant coffee when you can whip up a fresh cup with about the same amount of time and effort?

Product Features

  • The total brewing time of only 30 seconds results in exceptionally smooth flavor
  • Micro-filtered for grit free coffee – unlike other French press style coffee makers

Warranty & Repair

What it Covers: AeroPress coffee press

Length: Year

Who Supports the Warranty: Aerobie

Warranty Contact Information: 650-493-3050

Eligible for SCG Extended Warranty? No

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