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La Pavoni History

La Pavoni was founded in Milan, Italy in 1905 in Desiderio Pavoni’s little workshop at Via Parini. His first invention was a manual espresso coffee machine for cafes called “Ideale.” This vertical machine with a boiler kept a constant pressure with side brew groups supported by inside hooks, and it had a filter for ground coffee. As the first machine of its kind, the model spread the fame of Italian-style “espresso” coffee near and far. By 1948 La Pavoni manufactured their first horizontal boiler to prevent coffee’s burnt taste and in 1961 the company developed the first electrical machine for home use. This machine could brew espresso coffee and hot drinks, just like the way they were made in the coffee bar. That machine was called "Europiccola". It is still an icon of Italian design and taste today.

Equipment Specialties

Whether you need great tasting espresso at home with the Europiccola, or need the Professional model which has a boiler that can make 16 coffees consecutively, La Pavoni has many options to impress.

Product Features

  • Elegant: With traditional good looks and a solid structure, these chrome built manual machines are simple, yet produce the finest of espresso shots around--once you perfect the process.
  • Long time friend: A give and take relationship, if you treat your La Pavoni right it’ll stand by your side for a satisfying, and tasty, long lasting partnership.

Warranty & Repair

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