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NespressoNespresso's capsule espresso machines utilize a proprietary capsule technology in order to produce delicious espresso without the fuss! They offer a wide variety of blends and preparation methods (including ristretto, standard and lungo espresso shots) to cater to varied tastes.

Below is a directory of their commonly available capsules; in addition to these standard offerings, they also release seasonal and limited blends throughout the year. You can find out more about these directly on their website ( or by giving them a call (800-562-1465).

Please Note: This directory is for informational purposes only. All Nespresso capsules must be purchased through Nespresso directly, either via their website or by phone. Seattle Coffee Gear does not have Nespresso capsules for individual sale.


(1.35 oz. espresso shot): 9 varieties, which are very diverse in personality, to be savored in a small cup.

  • Ristretto: [strength: 10 out of 10] Ristretto is the typical Italian espresso. It is a short, full-bodied and intense coffee with a pleasantly lingering taste. It is composed essentially of the finest South American Arabicas from Columbia and Brazil. It also contains finely acidic East African Arabicas and a hint of racy Robusta from Togo, which is roasted separately before blending to create a particularly subtle and original bouquet.

  • Arpeggio: [strength: 9 out of 10] Arpeggio is a Mediterranean blend with a strong character, intense body and long, exquisite aftertaste. This highly roasted blend is made from the finest Southern and Central American Arabicas. Its hint of cocoa and its rich, thick crema remain to the last sip.

  • Roma: [strength: 8 out of 10] With its mildly toasted and woody notes, obtained by light roasting, Roma is the ideal coffee for a short espresso which is not too strong. Roma is a subtle balance of finesse, strength and fullness. It is composed of Arabicas grown at high altitudes in Central America which guarantee finesse, and Brazilian and African coffees which add body and depth on the palate.

  • Livanto: [strength: 6 out of 10] Livanto is a uniquely rounded and well-balanced espresso with a delicate woody and cereal boquet. It is a result of the slightly sustained roasting of the very finest Brazilian and Central American Arabicas.

  • Capriccio: [strength: 5 out of 10] Capriccio is an espresso with a rich bouquet of which distinct cereal notes are the most dominant. The presence of South American Arabicas grown in high altitudes gives this blend a touch of acidity and a fine aromatic note. Its richness is derived from just the right balance of lightly roasted Brazilian Arabica and a hint of Central African Robusta.

  • Volluto: [strength: 4 out of 10] This blend consists predominantly of lightly roasted Brazilian Arabica with its subtle, yet present body and hints of biscuit notes, redolent of cereal. Its character is enhanced by just enough Columbian Arabica to guarantee a touch of acidity and a fresh and light fruitiness. Volluto is Nespressos first 100% sustainable quality premium blend coffee.

  • Cosi: [strength: 3 out of 10] Cosi is a lightly roasted espresso with high typicity and a refreshing acidity. The combination of the finest East African Arabicas imbues this blend with a characteristic hint of lemon, which is balanced by the mildness of Central and South Amarican Arabicas.

  • Decaffeinato Intenso: [strength: 7 out of 10] Hightly roasted with subtle hints of cocoa and cereal, together with an intense body, this decaffeinated variety has all the features of a typically strong espresso. The strong roasting of Latin American Arabicas and a touch of Robusta give this coffee rich and intense taste.

  • Decaffeinato: [strength: 2 out of 10] This is a light and delicate decaffeinated blend, which strikes a good balance between mildness and acidity. A light roasting highlights the fruit and wine notes of Columbian Arabica in this blend, which also incorporates South American Arabica and a dash of African Robusta.




Mild and intense coffees, which are developed especially to be enjoyed in a large cup (3.75 oz/110 ml). 

  • Vivalto: [strength: 6 out of 10] Vivalto is an intense Lungo which combines pleasantly roasted and subtle, floral notes. The best South American Arabicas from high altitudes give this blend its balance and light acidity. The lighter roasting of East African Arabica highlights its floral note, while the additional of Brazilian 'Sud de Minas' coffee strengthens its character and enhances its bitterness.

  • Finezzo: [strength: 4 out of 10] Finezzo is a delicate and beautifully balanced Lungo with a light body. This blend is made from the finest Arabicas grown at high altitudes in Central America and of 'Sud de Minas' Arabica from Brazil, which provides balance and mildness. The addition of East African Arabicas brings out fine citrus notes, while a touch of African Robusta adds a hint of cereal and accentuates its character.

  • Decaffeinato Lungo: [strength: 5 out of 10] Decaffeinato Lungo has a smooth body and is well-rounded on the palate. It is a slow and sustained roast which reveals the tasty, toasted and cereal notes of the finest Brazilian and Columbian Arabicas, enhanced by a touch of carefully selected Robusta.

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