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Well known today as the main sponsor of the World Barista Championships, Nuova Simonelli has their roots in Central Italy. Their first espresso machine was designed and built by Orlando Simonelli in his workshop in Tolentino in 1936. This machine was innovative for its time. While other companies still used a lever system to deliver coffee, in 1952 Simonelli was the first to use a pump. This was a revolutionary design and it is still technology used in espresso machines today.

Equipment Specialties

Nuova Simonelli offers a range of traditional espresso coffee machines named after the main roads of ancient Rome. These machines satisfy different needs, from busy cafes to large hotels to homes where people enjoy coffee just like at their favorite coffee shop. Nuova Simonelli used its experience to create traditional espresso machines like the Aurelia, Appia, Musica and Oscar as well as top notch superautomatics and espresso grinders.

Product Features

  • Beautiful Construction: Still made in Italy, these espresso machine and grinders look as good as they function, especially the bright red Oscar!
  • Consistent Espresso: Once you tweak the espresso machine and grinder to your liking, drinks will be just how you want them every time, with little to no variance.
  • Amazing Steam: Plenty of pressure and a good steam wand design will make velvety micro foam.
  • Simple Functionality: This eliminates the learning curve more complicated machines have and also produces consistent results time and again.
  • Professional Quality: Produce professional shots of espresso from the first to the thousandth shot pulled. High quality parts and workmanship combine for a long lasting espresso machine and grinder.

Warranty & Repairs

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