Videos | Maintenance | Rancilio Silvia

Need some tips and assistance with the care and feeding of your Rancilio Silvia? This series of videos will provide you an overview and detailed walkthrough of how to perform the different maintenance tasks on your machine. We've organized the videos by recommended frequency of performance.


Rancilio Silvia Maintenance - Overview

First, Gail walks us through a general overview and tips for cleaning the machine.


How to Backflush the Rancilio Silvia

Next up, it's backflushing! We recommend that you perform this every 1 - 2 weeks, depending on how often you use your machine. If you're pulling a few shots per day or more, once per week is a good idea.

Watch Gail provide a demonstration of how to effectively perform this on the Silvia.


Descaling the Rancilio Silvia

Now it's time for descaling!

Scale (lime and/or calcium minerals) build up in your espresso machine's boiler, valves and water/steam transport tubes, ultimately degrading its functionality over time. Signs of scale build-up can be things such as leaking steam wands because you're unable to fully close the valve, slower boiler heat-up time and a decrease in overall steam pressure & sustainability.

Watch Bunny as she walks us through the descaling process. We used the Rancilio Silvia in this demonstration, but the process she shows applies to all single boiler espresso machines. We recommend that, depending on the hardness of your water, you perform this regular maintenance every 1 - 3 months.


Rancilio Silvia Brew Head Maintenance

Need to replace the brew head gasket? Gail gives us a detailed walkthrough on how to do this. For most folks, this needs to be peformed about once per year, but you could do it more or less often depending on use. Things like how often you heat up/cool down the machine and frequency of use overall will impact the wear & tear of the gasket, and one big symptom that it needs to be replaced is that you start to see leaking over the top of the portafilter (even when it doesn't have any coffee in it).


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