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When you're at the start of a busy workday, every ounce of consistency (and coffee!) matters. Add a dose of repeatability to your espresso workflow with the Ona Coffee Distribution tool. The OCD's four sloped blades create a gorgeously groomed puck with a few quick turns of its knurled outer edges, and offers quick adjustment for any 58mm portafilter basket. Designed as a triple threat to improve declumping, leveling and particle distribution in your espresso pucks, the OCD will have you pulling perfect bottomless portafilter shots in no time.

Features and Functionality

  • Stepless Adjust - Just like your favorite grinder, you can set the OCD's blade depth between 0.25'' and 0.5'' deep, with conveniently numbered reference points.
  • Heavy-duty - Constructed from heavy brass blades and a knurled aluminum handle, the OCD tool weighs in at just under a pound of sturdy, low-static metal.
  • Sloped Blades - Create a perfectly even coffee bed (no edge-only shots!) with a level pre-tamp.
  • Too Easy - This has become an instant addition to our office brew setup, often completely removing the need for a tamp (and lets us pull really neat looking bottomless shots with brand new grinders!).
  • Technique Test - If you play with new coffees or other variables often, you'll find the leveling prowess of the OCD tool invaluable in dialing in espresso. It becomes very clear when you need to adjust dose or grind.
  • Middleweight - The new V3 OCD tool reduces its overall weight by nearly 100 grams—making it a little more pocketable than the original.
  • Jury's Out - We've seen a fantastic improvement in our everyday espresso shots, but this tool is almost exclusively designed for improving consistency and workflow in a cafe environment.
  • Expensive - Easily the cost of a luxury custom tamper.


Model Number V3
Width 2.75 inches
Depth 2.75 inches
Height 1.5 inches
Product Weight (lbs.) 1.0000
Size 58.3mm
Material Brass
Manufacturer Ona Coffee




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