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Acme Evo Tulip Cup

Acme Evo Tulip Cup - Feijoa Green Acme Evo Tulip Cup - Dolphin Gray Acme Evo Tulip Cup - Kokako Blue Acme Evo Tulip Cup - Milk White Acme Evo Tulip Cup - Penguin Black Acme Evo Tulip Cup - Rata Red Acme Evo Tulip Cup - Weka Brown Acme Evo Tulip Cup - Whale Navy
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Shot glasses too small, but mugs too big? The Acme Evo Tulip cup is just the thing for your goldilocks drinking needs. At a hair under 6 ounces, this is the cup for flat whites, cortados and whatever a 'long black' is supposed to be. Holds 5.8 ounces. Dishwasher-safe. Saucer sold separately.

  • Manufacturer SKU
  • Model Number
    Evo Tulip
  • Width
    3.2 inches
  • Depth
    3.2 inches
  • Height
    3 inches
  • Product Weight (lbs.)
  • Size
    5.8 oz.
  • Material
  • Manufacturer
    Acme and Co.
About Acme

When searching for the perfect drinking container for your favorite caffeinated beverage, you want to settle on an option that's ergonomically designed and comfortable for your hands, as well as stylish and long-lasting. With that in mind, there are few companies making better drinkware than the good folks at Acme Co. An industry favorite for nearly three decades, the New Zealand-based Acme Co. creates exceptional cups and mugs crafted to create exquisite drinking experiences across several types of coffee drinks. Shop for your new favorite Acme mug here at Seattle Coffee Gear today!

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