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  • Rishi Tea - Silver Needle Premium - Loose

    With Rishi Tea's Silver Needle Premium organic white tea blend the infusion color hints at the honey tones to taste. The radiantly glowing cup has flavors combined from the deft blending of umami teas from Fujian and fruity, rich teas from Yunnan, China. White teas are the least processed and most delicate teas. These are from tea leaves harvested off heirloom Assamica trees. Learn More
  • Rishi Tea - Jasmine Green Tea - Loose

    Rishi Tea has put their special stamp on a fine Jasmine Green Tea. Jasmine Green Tea pairs famously well with dishes and desserts. It has long thought to be a fine digestive after meal tea as well. The fresh scent of this traditional Chinese green tea blend and pleasant taste make is a welcome cup whenever and wherever it is served. Learn More
  • Rishi Tea - Jasmine Pearl - Loose

    Small pearls are formed from hand-rolling tender green tea leaves and then naturally scented with jasmine blossoms in Rishi Tea's Jasmine Pearl blend. The fragrant jasmine blossoms are processed with reserve Dragon Pearl Organic Green Tea several times until the sweet flavor and aroma are imparted to them. More than 20 pounds of fresh jasmine flowers are used to scent each pound of dried Dragon Pearl green tea. Learn More
  • Rishi Tea - Jade Cloud - Loose

    Jade Cloud is an Organic Fair Trade Certified single origin green tea from the Xuan En Yisheng Tea Co-op in China. After 8 years of perfecting the process, Jade Cloud has earned its lofty name as Rishi Tea has combined traditional roasted methods with modern hot-air methods in one lively cup. Learn More
  • Rishi Tea - Pu-erh Ginger - Loose

    We have learned if you are trying to convert a coffee drinker to accept your tea-drinking ways, start them off right with Rishi Tea's Pu-erh Ginger. The rich body will satisfy them until they learn to appreciate a more delicate cup! Pu-erh is a specially fermented type of green tea from southern Yunnan China that is quickly becoming a "dieter's tea" fad world-wide but shouldn't be dismissed just because of that hype. It's still delicious! Learn More
  • Rishi Tea - Blueberry Rooibos - Loose

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    Rooibos is a funny word when you first hear it (roy-bos) but delicious when you taste it! Rishi Tea makes a Blueberry Rooibos that combines the South African herb with blueberries, strawberries, hibiscus and schizandra berries. This is a pretty color tea with a zippy flavor that is nice hot or iced or cold brewed. Learn More
  • Chai Diaries Blooming Tea Tin - Christmas

    You don't have to celebrate Christmas to enjoy a pot of Chai Diaries Christmas Blooming Tea. Holiday celebrator or not, all can enjoy the beauty of this blossomed ball steeped to perfection. Learn More
  • Chai Diaries Blooming Tea Tin - Double Happiness

    Double your joy and jubilation with Chai Diaries Double Happiness Blooming Tea! Even the most zealous coffee drinkers can enjoy the pageantry of a well made blooming tea ball. Learn More
  • Rishi Tea - Chocolate Chai - Loose

    Are you often described as mellow or deep? If not, have no fear! That's how we describe the rich blend of Rishi's Chocolate Chai tea! Learn More
  • Chai Diaries Blooming Tea Tin - Mango

    Awaken your senses and sooth your soul with Chai Diaries Mango Blooming Tea. At first steep, you'll be surprised by the fruity and floral aroma wafting from your teapot and tingling your nose. The light and airy taste of this green tea will soon have you kicking your feet up without a care in the world. With tranquility like this, we know you'll want to share. Luckily, you can! Each Chai Diaries Blooming Tea ball steeps two pots of tea and with seven hand-sewn balls in each tin, you'll have plenty of serenity to go around. Learn More

Items 11 to 20 of 20 total

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