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Pallo Coffeetool Group Head Cleaning Brush

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We get it. Keeping your espresso machine clean, no matter how much you love it, isn't the most entertaining element of espresso-making. That's why Pallo created this clever little tool to make espresso machine maintenance a lot easier. The Coffeetool Group Head Cleaning Brush is angled just right for cleaning, long enough so you won't burn your fingers and offers plenty of innovative features such as strong bristles that can easily be replaced using these Pallo Coffeetool Inserts!

  • Pros
    • Length - The Coffeetool brush is long enough so you won't burn your fingers when cleaning the brew head.
    • Replaceable Bristles - Though quite sturdy and durable, you can replace the bristles!
    • Easy to Use - Using this Coffeetool brush is extremely simple
  • Cons
    • Plastic Construction - This product is made from plastic, which some users may find undesirable.
  • How Does it Compare?

    The length ensures that you won't burn your fingers when using this cleaning brush. And the angle keeps hot water from dribbling onto your wrists.

  • Resources

    Videos Featuring Coffee Grinder Maintenance

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    1.0 inch
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    9.0 inches
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About Pallo

Pallo offers customers an array of espresso machine tools - brushes, cleaning solutions, replacements and more - to make maintaining and getting the most out of their espresso machine an easy fix.

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