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  • ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometer

    3 Reviews(s)
    Let your professional barista skills shine with the ProAccurate Quick-Read Thermometer featuring an easy-to-read digital display that's ideal for perfecting your espresso drinks. With ProAccurate's six- to eight-second response time, recalibrating ability, long stem, and waterproof design, you're ready to make that perfect foam at just the right temperature. Learn More
  • Primula Cold Brew Bottle On the Go

    Picture this: The apocalypse hits. You're without power and constantly running from zombies. You're going to need your coffee to go! And without power, what better time to try it cold? Take your cold brew on the go with Primula's Cold Brew Bottle. This durable borosilicate glass bottle with super-fine stainless steel filter is an excellent addition to the coffee lover's household (or human on the run) that also likes to brew cold! The handy bottle includes a removable neoprene sleeve with easy carry strap that works to keep your freshly brewed coffee colder for longer. Learn More

    Back in stock on 5/28/2016

  • Cuppow Mason Jar Cold Brew Kit

    Brew up some delicious cold brewed coffee right in your fridge. This handy kit comes with a 32 ounce mason jar and an organic cotton CoffeeSock Cold Brew Filter- both made here in the USA. Add 3 ounces of coarsely ground fresh coffee, fill with cold water and brew for 12 to 24 hours or to taste. The process is simple, clean up is a breeze and you don't have to worry about spills or taking up too much room in the fridge. Learn More
  • Spotted Cow Tanzania Tarime AB

    A stunning Kenyan-like coffee that exhibits the best characteristics of its neighboring region- bold but well structured with acidity and sweetness. Learn More
  • Olympia Coffee Roasting - Ethiopia Banko Natural

    Intensely fruity and juicy, this coffee is a stunning example of how delicious naturally processed coffee can be. Learn More
  • Olympia Coffee Roasting - Colombia Elkin Guzman Natural

    A third generation farmer, Elkin Guzman takes a scientific approach to each varietal that he grows. By testing ripening cherries for sugar content and closely monitoring the drying process, he is able to create incredible results even with difficult coffees, like this Castillo. Learn More
  • Olympia Coffee Roasting - Burundi Long Miles Reserve Natural

    Exclusive to Olympia Coffee, this natural processed coffee represents the very best of the local harvest from the hills surrounding the Buckeye and Kayanza communities. Sundried on large raised beds, workers give this coffee lots of extra care and attention when sorting and moving the drying cherries to achieve only the best results. Learn More
  • Olympia Coffee Roasting - Burundi Nkonge Honey

    One of the rarest to come from The Long Miles Coffee Project in Burundi, this honey processed coffee is something to be treasured. It is grown on one of the hill micro-climates, Nkonge, above the Long Miles washing station and produced using one of the most time consuming processing techniques. The resulting coffee exemplifies the quality and taste of Burundi coffee. Learn More
  • Cafelat Tamping Mat - Corner

    2 Reviews(s)
    This Cafelat Tamping Mat is the perfect accessory to keep your portafilter from dinging up your beautiful countertops. We really like its corner shape, which enables easy placement right on the edge of your counter. Crafted in a durable rubber, the Cafelat Tamping Mat is a snap to wash and will certainly make it easier to refine your tamping technique. Learn More
  • Cafelat Splat Tamping Mat

    1 Reviews(s)
    Fun, and entirely functional, the Cafelat Splat Tamping Mat has a quirky "splat" design that helps keep the portafilter from dinging your beautiful countertops. We really like the mat's compact design that enables easy placement right on the edge. Crafted from durable rubber, Cafelat's Splat Tamping Mat is a snap to wash and will certainly make it easier to refine your tamping technique. Learn More

    Regular Price: $19.95


    Out of Stock

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