Osaka Mount Fuji Cold Brew Dripper


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You've heard the stories. Delicious and hard to find, slow-drip style cold brew is usually limited to expensive cafes or vacations to Japan. What if I told you that you could have the same high-quality cold brew at a fraction of the cost, in your own home? Enter the Osaka Coffee Cold Brew Dripper! A simple turn-key style drip controller lets you slow down the flow of water to give your grounds a long, slow soak. Dedicated chambers separate water, grounds and coffee for highly controllable flavors and extra-clean cups.

Features and Functionality

  • Minute Control - The cold dripper's adjustable flow rate lets you tailor your next cup to nearly any flavor profile you want! Drip fast for a light cup, or slow it down for heavier extraction.
  • Stainless Steel Filter - A fine mesh filter screen allows oils to pass through for a more full-bodied cup.
  • Unbeatable Flavor - The extra control and separate containers for water and grounds give this cold brew a unique, more nuanced flavor than immersion-style systems.
  • Sized for Home - Unlike the tall drip towers you may have seen, both sizes of the cold brew dripper are small enough to fit in the fridge—or anywhere else.
  • Affordable - This cold brew dripper is hundreds of dollars less than a classic drip tower.
  • Adjustability - With control over dose, volume, temperature and drip speed, you can endlessly manipulate your cold brew till it's just right for you.
  • Great Cold Brew - Even simple recipes yield delicious cold brew that tastes incredibly different than immersion style steep brews.
  • Finnicky - It's a slippery slope. First you're trying a fun new brew method, next thing you know you're up at 3AM adjusting drip speed for the perfect cold brew cup.
  • Plastic Parts - The water reservoir and grounds chamber are both made from plastic.
SCG Staff Says...

Keep it simple with your first drip! We recommend 40g of medium-coarse ground coffee (think drip consistency), 160g ice and 160g water. Set the drip for once a second and leave it alone! Or, bump up your recipe to 60g coffee, 240g ice and 240g water. This makes a 1:8 ratio, perfect to dilute with equal parts water.

How Does it Compare?

Unlike other cold brew methods, the cold dripper is constantly pulling coffee through grounds, meaning you'll get consistently cleaner extraction than from immersion methods like the Toddy.

Tips and Tricks

Aeropress paper filters fit the grounds bin almost perfectly! Great for extra in-cup clarity.

Note: Size is the standard 5-ounce coffee cup, the small is just right for 4 cups, the larger for 6 cups.


Model Number Mount Fuji
Width 4 Cup: 6 inches | 6 Cup: 6.5 inches
Depth 4 Cup: 4.75 inches | 6 Cup: 5.25 inches
Height 4 Cup: 10.5 inches | 6 Cup: 12.75 inches
Material Plastic and Glass
Manufacturer Osaka Coffee




Care and Maintenance

  • Rinse out grounds chamber and carafe
  • Top-rack dishwasher-safe!
  • Wipe out and dry water reservoir.

  • User Manual

    Check out Osaka Coffee's dedicated brew guide here!


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