Osaka Coffee Stainless Steel Cone Filter


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Shake up your regular pour over brew method with the Osaka Coffee Stainless Steel Cone Dripper. You get the simplicity and control of a pour over with the rich, full mouth feel of immersion methods like press pots. In the exchange, you'll never need to worry about too many fines or run out of paper filters. Even better, the Osaka Coffee Cone Filter fits both the size 2 V60 and 6 to 8 cup Chemex brewers, so you won't need to abandon your favorite brew method to try something new.

Features and Functionality

  • Double-layered Filter - A macro- and micro-hole layered filter lets through oil without letting through fines.
  • Dishwasher-safe - Cleanup is easy thanks to a reusable and dishwasher-safe design.
  • Save a Step - A metal filter doesn't require the rinse a paper filter does. It also benefits from a near-instantaneous heat retention better than glass or ceramic.
  • Reinvigorate your Brew - Tired of your Chemex's tea-like flavor? You'll brew a significantly richer cup full of yummy coffee oils.
  • Reusable - If you've ever been denied a morning cup by missing filters, we know your pain. Having an alternative on hand is worth its weight in gold (especially at 6 AM before work).
  • No New Equipment Needed - You probably already own a Chemex or V60, why buy a whole new brew method when you can make your tried-and-true brewer twice as useful?
  • Dirty Chemex - More oils in your cup also means more oils in your Chemex. Hope you have a long brush handy.
  • Slow Down - The fine layers of mesh filter tend to slow down your extraction time, meaning you'll have to grind a little coarser than you normally would with a paper filter. This means that you'll have to readjust your grinder again if you want to swap between metal and paper filters.
How Does it Compare?

As they say, a Chemex brew is all in the filter. A metal-filtered Chemex is an entirely different experience than a classic paper-finished brew.

Tips and Tricks

As always, we recommend pre-heating both filter and vessel before brewing with a little bit of hot water.


Model Number Osaka- Kinkaku ji
Width 5.1 inches
Depth 5.1 inches
Height 4 inches
Product Weight (lbs.) 0.1000
Material Stainless Steel & Rubber
Manufacturer Osaka Coffee




Care and Maintenance

  • Wash out grounds after every use.
  • A quick mixture of warm water and baking soda will get rid of any excess build-up that starts to form in the filter mesh.



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