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  • Rocket Espresso Accessory Steam Tips - Set of Four

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    Upgrade and experiment with different steaming techniques using this set of four replacement steam wand tips. Made exclusively by Rocket Espresso, these designs will fit most Rocket machines, excluding the R58. Learn More

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  • Rocket Steam / Water Knob

    Rocket Steam / Water Knob is a replacement part for your Rocket Espresso Evoluzione. It works as part of the steam or water assembly as they both use this as the knob base. This part requires other parts to go with it like the cover and the clip cover so make sure you order replacements to match your needs. Learn More
  • Rocket Water Tank Lid

    The Rocket Water Tank Lid is a genuine replacement part from Rocket Espresso. It fits most models of Rocket Espresso machines with water reservoirs, except the Professional series which do not have water tanks! So keep a clean machine, fresh water equals fresher espresso! Learn More
  • Rocket Evoluzione Boiler Pressure Gauge - Black

    Keep a lid on it! The Rocket Espresso Boiler Pressure Gauge is compatible with Evoluzione models and works as a replacement part for this integral part of the espresso making process. Rocket Espresso makes gauges with white dials and gauges with black dials, this is for a black dial gauge. There are two gauges, one dedicated gauge for pump pressure and one for service boiler pressure control. Learn More
  • Rocket R58 Chrome Steam Knob Cover

    The Rocket R58 Dual Boiler has a chrome knob cover with a big 'R' on it. What's the 18th letter of the pirate alphabet? you guessed it! Arrhhhhhh! Ahoy mateys, if you lose yours, you can get a replacement Rocket R58 Chrome Knob Cover here. We offer a veritable treasure chest full of Rocket Espresso parts direct from Italy. Learn More
  • Rocket Braided Metal Hose 1/8M

    The Rocket Braided Metal Hose is an external replacement part that technicians use for repair based on the diagnosis of the espresso machine. Hard to say how it happens, but if gremlins are let loose inside your Rocket Espresso Machine, you may need to replace the Braided Metal Hose. Learn More
  • Rocket Expansion Valve

    The Rocket Expansion Valve is an internal replacement part that technicians use for repair based on the diagnosis of the espresso machine. Hard to say how it happens, but if aliens appropriate the insides your Rocket Espresso Machine for their own devices, you may need to replace the Rocket Expansion Valve. Learn More

7 Item(s)

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