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  • Saeco Descaler

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    Make time to decalcify! The Saeco Descaler is an important part of the regular ongoing maintenance of any espresso machine. Think of it like this, a heart attack can occur in humans when arteries clog. In an espresso machine, scale build up can clog the machine's "arteries." Care for your Saeco espresso machine and it will reward you with delicious espresso for years to come. Learn More
  • Seattle Coffee Gear Tune-Up Kit for Saeco Via Venezia

    More fun than a barrel of monkeys! Although if the monkeys had wrenches you could set them to work on your Saeco Via Venezia Espresso Machine maintenance with this handy tune-up kit brought to you by Seattle Coffee Gear. Learn More
  • Saeco Panarello Assembly - Black

    5 Reviews(s)
    Not just a one-trick pony: This Saeco Panarello Assembly for Gaggia Espresso machines also fits the Saeco Aroma and Via Venezia, Saeco Royal Professional, Saeco Royal Coffee Bar, Saeco Vienna and Vienna Deluxe, Saeco Spidem Villa and Saeco Magic machine models. This is slightly shorter than the Saeco Vienna panarello assembly. Learn More
  • Saeco Intenza Water Filter Replacement

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    The Intenza+ reduces substances that may affect smell and taste of water such as chlorine. As a result
  • you get a perfect cup of coffee with a natural and intense aroma and a rich and creamy foam. Learn More

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  • Seattle Coffee Gear Panarello Replacement Kit for Saeco Intelia, Intuita, Syntia & Poemia

    Is it time to retire your panarello? The Saeco Intelia, Intuita and Syntia models excel at microfoam. Lately though, have you noticed your foam is lackluster? Does the wand make funny sounds? Is it clogged beyond all salvation? Seattle Coffee Gear has combined three essential Saeco parts into a pre-assembled panarello for your frothing pleasure. Learn More
  • Saeco 53mm Portafilter

    Which portafilter is right for you? Choose pressurized for easy espresso, non-pressurized for best flavor, or bottomless to take your shots to the next level! (and to get a little extra cup clearance.) You can even choose handle type from the basic flat style or the Via Venzia's curvy grip. These portafilters will fit any of Saeco's semi-automatic line, as well as Starbucks Barista machine. Learn More
  • Saeco Milk Island for Talea Models - .4 Liter

    The Saeco Milk Island container is a unique Saeco development for Talea models only. Whether you prefer lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, or any other specialty, the preparation of creamy foam takes just a matter of seconds. Learn More

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  • Saeco Royal Magic Bean Hopper - Blue

    Bean Hopper for the Saeco Royal and Magic series of machines. Does not include the lid. Learn More
  • Saeco Talea Dump Box - Black

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  • Saeco Talea Giro Preground Lid

    The Saeco Talea Giro Preground Lid is a replacement part that covers the chute where you can add preground espresso to this superautomatic espresso machine. Learn More
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