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  • Saeco Odea Water Tank Lid

    The Saeco Odea Water Tank Lid is a replacement cover. It fits on top of the Saeco Water Tank Assembly. Size: 10 inches. Note: Not compatible with Talea models. Learn More
  • Saeco Talea Infrared Cover

    The Saeco Talea Infrared Cover is a transparent lens that allows the machine's CPU board to be scanned and updated if needed on a Saeco Talea superautomatic espresso machines. Note: Not compatible with the Odea Infrared cover. Learn More
  • Saeco Talea Dispensing Lid

    The Saeco Talea Dispenser Lid is the rubber cover for the dispenser body that is on the front of Saeco Talea superautomatic espresso machine models. Learn More
  • Saeco Talea Giro Coffee Knob

    The Saeco Talea Giro Coffee Knob controls the SBS which controls how much pressure your machine will produce for different levels of crema on top of your espresso shots. Size: 2 inches Learn More
  • Saeco Odea Go Steam Knob

    The Saeco Odea Go Steam Knob is the on and off switch for the steam wand on the Odea Go. It lets you control the strength of how much steam you'd like to use when frothing milk. Learn More
  • Saeco Sirena Steam Knob Cover

    The Saeco Sirena steam knob cover is a replaceable piece that pops on and twists towards which direction you turn the knob for more or less steam. Size: 1 inch diameter. Learn More
  • Saeco Vspresso Door Hinge

    The Saeco Vspresso Door hinge is a plastic replacement hinge for when you find your espresso machine door coming loose. Learn More
  • Saeco Incanto Left Handgrip - Chrome

    Don't let your Saeco Incanto slip-slide away. Replace the Saeco Incanto Left Handgrip! It is the metal chrome plated grip that can be found on the bottom edge of the machine that allows for a handy handhold to pick up the machine for a move across the kitchen counter or across the country. Learn More
  • Saeco Vienna Panarello Assembly - Black

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    Not just a one-trick pony: This Panarello replacement wand for Gaggia Espresso machines also fits Saeco Royal Professional, Saeco Royal Coffee Bar, Saeco Vienna and Vienna Depuxe, Saeco Spidem Villa and Saeco Magic machine models. This is slightly longer than the other Saeco Panarello assembly. Learn More
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